WireShark for Android And It’s Best Alternatives 2019

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there are lots of people who love to use free open source pocket analyses. by using the pocket analyses user can see all the network communication with are going in or out of all computers on the same network. for these users, Wireshark is the most popular and best of them. user can get anything on your network that’s not encrypted. but if you are thinking to use Wireshark for Android then it is not possible because wireshark is not available for Android devices.

but people who are using Android devices also want to track and monitor the network which are going through there Android devices. and for this hey search on the internet for free and open source pocket analysis for Android.As Wireshark is best for gas analyzer people want to use Wireshark for Android.

Here we are going to share company details about Wireshark. which is include how to use Wireshark for Android as well as we are going to save the best alternative of Wireshark which can be used on Android devices.

Alternatives of Wireshark for Android Devices


This is one of the best and popular Wireshark alternative which is complete penetration testing tool for your Android devices. Zanti the complete network testing for the users which can be done by just click on a single button. some of the best work which can be done by Zanti application is used can modify HTTP request and response, Tekken hijacking HTTP session, the user can change MAC address. the user can export routers they can check target device for voluntary abilities. and also it can find if there any security groups within the existing network which are using on your device.

This is a complete penetration testing tool which is specially designed for professional and businesses. but if you want to download and install this system on your device then you have to provide root access. this is one of the most advanced features m which can change a few Linus configuration settings and also can put your device into preview mode.This is the reason we can say that this is one of the best app and alternative of Wireshark.

the best part about this application is using can use all the features for free. I can download it from official website buy some meeting their email address.

Cloud Shark

Cloudshark also one of the best alternative of Wireshark for Android devices. This is working similar to packet capture in that it is a dedicated traffic sniper.Just like other packets cloudshark also provide traffic cancer monitor http and https traffic. and also user can get access to other tools that allow users to do bandwidth floating, HTTP response and latency testing.

to use cloudshark install it from Google Play store first and after that, you have to launch it. after that you will be able to do lots of work like network security testing for MIT and attack vulnerabilities, SSL monitoring and web debugging and many other options related to your network.

This web application is available in two parts which is free or premium. if you want to use it for testing purpose and initial stage then you can use it free while downloading from the official website. but if you want to use all the features of this application then you have to use premium version for that you have to pay a minor fee.


This is also a paste option for the Android user who are looking for the alternatives of Wireshark. with using is application user can capture proxy app, and also the best part about tpacketCapture is it will save the captured data in PCAP file format. if you want to read the data then you have to transfer that file to your computer and use packet capturing application like Wireshark. and this is the limitation of this application other than this limitation this is one of the best application for Android user for use as Wireshark alternative.

if the user wants to use the free version of this application then they can use it without any ads. but if you want to get all the features of this application then you have to use the premium version of the application, for this, you have to purchase this application in just $8.5.


We are testing a lot of applications since a long which can be used for Android devices as an alternative of Wireshark. after lots of experiment and testing on our network, we have found the best Wireshark alternative for Android devices and we have listed all of them in the article. you can use any of these applications forget features of Wireshark on your Android device for free. if you think any of your friends need these applications then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account like Twitter and Facebook. if you are facing any problem while using the applications then you can tell us in comment box we will give you the instant solution.

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