Best Wifi Hacking Apps for Android [Root And Without Root]

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Recently we have found that many people on the internet search for best WiFi hacking apps for Android devices. We are living in an error where we can find Wi-Fi spot everywhere but almost every single Wi-Fi is found by us are protected by password food this most of the people want to hack that Wi-Fi and use free internet this is the reason that people Search on internet for working Wi-Fi hacking apps in this article we are going to say that complete information and a good list of best WiFi hacking applications for Android devices, Which help you use any wifi network without getting password and use free internet.

In a basic way, most of the people think that if they need to hack any Wi-Fi network then they have to learn this subject is of ethical hacking but in present time there are lots of WiFi hacking apps available for Android devices for test your network security and hack a Wi-Fi network.

Best Wifi Hacking Apps For Android


If you are looking for a real WiFi hacking apps which can provide you the real network security for testing. and You can make sure that you have got tools to protect yourself also you can learn the basic that how to hack a Wi-Fi Networks. Then aircrack NG is the most popular and best security tool Wi-Fi hacking application for you this application has been ported to Android devices and security expert. You can run this application on Android without any issue you just have to a Wi-Fi chipset for supported in monitor mode.


WPs Wpa Tester Pro

WPS WPA Tester Pro is one of the oldest application for hack Wi-Fi but still, it is working most efficient application compared to new applications by using this application user can hack Wi-Fi network by following this given steps

You just have to download this application from the official website which we have mentioned below

Now click on the downloaded file for install it on your device

You have to agree with

terms and conditions for install this application

That you have to provide root permission by clicking on allow button in next step

Now click on the refresh button from the top of the application menu.

Now you will see all the Wi-Fi connection from your area which have signal with your device

If you get any warning here in a popup you have to click on yes.

Now click on any Wi-Fi network and click on connect automatic pin option

You have to wait for few seconds in the complete process

Now you will see the password of that network on your device

Submit this password and connect with this Wi-Fi network


WPA Connect

this application is also available for the only Rooted Android device. But still, this is one of the best Android WiFi hacking apps. If you are using it on your rooted device and also after connecting to the Wi-Fi network you can disconnect all other users on that network.

user have to download and install this application from the official website of WPS connect and you can start hacking Wi-Fi networks around you.



zimperium is the developer of Zanti which is one of the popular WiFi hacking apps. Which allows user to manage security and allies risk level of the network which they are going to hack this is the popular application for network assessment and penetration. This is also a Wi-Fi Scanner which can show the access point for default key configuration in green.

The user can use the app to kill connection to prevent the target to access any website for server most of the people are mirroring set methods for use cyber attacks. You can identify the holes in your network and make amends. Zanti is the widely popular application which is also the best app which can be used is alternative of Wireshark.


AndroidDumper Crack

For the Android user, this is one of their favorite application for hacking a Wi-Fi network.

You just have to download this application from the given link and install it on your Android Device.

And After  provide root permission to this application because it is working with only with root devices

After that, it will search all the Wi-Fi networks which can be connected to your device

You can connect to any network and click on know custom pin

And after in some time you will see the password of that Wi-Fi network on your device you can provide this password and start using internet free



Wifikill is one of the best WiFi hacking application for Android devices which released and become popular in recent days. This is one of the cool app that allows killing all the devices which are connected to the network. And also you can easily block the internet access on all other devices which are connected to same Wi-Fi network. User have to download wifikill pro APKfrom the official website and after that they can easily hack any Wi-Fi network which is connected to their devices.



Reaver for Android is a WiFi hacking app which is very simple to use for Android smartphone users. This application provides monitor mode support that can be activated and deactivate when user wants. This application provides list of all available wireless VPS Wi-Fi networks.

And also it provides Reaver settings which help you to hack the Wi-Fi network you want to connect your mobile phone. This Wi-Fi hacking app launches a brute force attack against WPS register pins and recovers the passwords. So we can say that this is one of the most popular WiFi hacking Apps which also support external script.



this is the tool for those Android users who want to hack any Wi-Fi network. Originally this application has been built for network audit this application. Also, this app can redirect traffic on Local Network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either specific target or all the hosts on the Local Network path.

The user has to download and install this application from its official website and after that, they can hack any Wi-Fi network which is connected to their device from their area.


WPS Connect

WPS connect is also a good application which can break almost every single WPS available networks. Earlier we have shared about Android Dumper application, WPS connect is work same as Android dumper because it is also one of the oldest application.

For hack Wi-Fi networks you have to download it from the given official website link and install it on your Android device.

After that, you have to provide root permission to this application now click on the refresh button.

And you will see the available Wi-Fi networks in your area

After that select any Wi-Fi network and in the next step click on select a pin.

In a few seconds, you will get the password of this network on your device you can provide it and can use free internet on your Android device


Network Discovery

network Discovery is a clocking tool for Wi-Fi hacking. Users have to provide the Rooted Android device for use. If you don’t have any basic knowledge related to ethical hacking then you should not use network Discovery application. Because this application is made for Pro hackers only. If you are a beginner then it will be hard to use for you can download it from the given link.



Officially this application has been created to test the security and integrity of Wi-Fi networks. But for the user who wants to know how to hack Wi-Fi then this application is best for cracking a Wi-Fi password. For let, you use custom dictionaries Android user can hack any Wi-Fi network which is connected to their device By using this application. This application takes time in providing a password of the network, and the time is dependent on the strength of the password update Wi-Fi network.


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