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Intro:- Watools is a WhatsApp status saver App which shares Whatsapp status & sends direct message even without saving the number.

Have you ever been in the circumstance in which you experience why your WhatsApp status has got disappeared? Then, certainly, you would have thought that there must be WhatsApp status saver option so that you could see later and in any situation, if we want to show to others then you could show them as well.

Currently, this Watools app comes with 2 amazing features in your Google play store & very soon there are more features that would be added to this tool. Let’s have a glance at these two eye-striking features:

  • Status Saver App:  WhatsApp provides only 24-hours to watch the status and after that what?? You will lose the possibility to see but this app provides an advantage to save WhatsApp status for future use.
  • Send message from WhatsApp without saving number: This is the most wonderful feature of which makes you able to send a message without saving the number.

Occasionally, losing status updates from friends and family after 24 hours bring us dealing with the sorrow that you could not save the status for your use but now no more regret because World has become so much advanced. I mean to say that you can now save WhatsApp status with the help of & see a whenever wish.

Have you ever been in the circumstance where you feel that you must not save this WhatsApp number or do you want the same function as traditional messaging has in which you don’t need to save the number to send a direct message to someone? This problem has been resolved because of new updation of this status saver app by which you can send direct messages to anyone even without saving his/her number.

Today WhatsApp has been a significant and secure medium to have communication with everybody and it has overtaken the traditional text messages. However traditional messaging was always with these advantages that you can send a message without saving the contact in your Smartphone that you may miss while using WhatsApp but this Watools app comes in the Google Play Store Market with WhatsApp direct message feature. Previously, there were few perks of texting that you may miss while using WhatsApp like you cannot send a WhatsApp message without initially saving the contact in your smartphone.

It is one of the most admirable social media apps in this world and almost everyone feels free to contact another person through WhatsApp. To contact through WhatsApp without saving a number, our WatoolsApp offers basic instant-messaging without increasing contact in your WhatsApp contact list whom you just want to share a couple of Whatsapp messages. In this method, you are not losing your privacy as well as you are not having an unessential person in the WhatsApp contact list. The Image or Video is immediately saved to your gallery by this App.

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Some Remarkable Features of Watools.XYZ are:

There are numerous remarkable features of Watools.XYZ which is making it top preference of all. Have a look at some of those features:

  • Whatsapp status saver
  • Status Video for Whatsapp
  • Share the Whatsapp status
  • Whatsapp status download video song
  • Status saver Whatsapp
  • New Whatsapp status save
  • Software for Whatsapp status saver
  • Whatsapp direct message
  • Whatsapp with status saver
  • Whatsapp status save file
  • Whatsapp without saving number

Status saver app ( WATools)  is a unique app that allows you to store all the status that are posted on your Whatsapp and you can watch the status as many times as you want because it will get stored in your phone memory. You can download the status saver app apk from the app store and enjoy the features of the app such as status saver and Whatsapp direct message.

Video status of Whatsapp can also be downloaded by using Watools app. The videos which are posted as status are easily accessible to download by WAtools app and this Whatsapp status saver app can be easily downloaded from play store.

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Q) Is WATOOLS.XYZ safe & secure?

A) Yes WATOOLS.XYZ is completely safe and secure. Each and every app and game we have on our site is malware and virus free. The APK is scanned for viruses with VirusTotal and is secure to install on your Android device.

Q) How to use this tool?

A) Well, you are at the suitable App page. Follow the steps to take advantage of this app:

                1) Check the preferred status/ story.

                 2) Open status saver & click on any image or video to see.

                 3) Tap the save button.


                  1) Check the chosen status/story.

                  2) Hold on a status to allow Multi-selection,

                  3)  Choose ”Save” from the toolbar menu.

Q) How to send Whatsapp direct message without saving WhatsApp number?

A) Follow the steps mentioned below in sequential order to easily send Whatsapp direct message without saving WhatsApp number:

1) Initially, download and install the Watools app from or play store.

2) Tap on WhatsApp direct message option.

3) Enter the number to which you wish to send a message.

4) Now enter the message in the provided step.

5) Tap on the send option.

6) The message will be directly delivered even without saving the number.

Q) How to download Whatsapp Status saver App?

A) To download Whatsapp Status saver App, you have to follow some of the easy steps mentioned below:

1) Firstly, open Watools app on or open play store from your mobile.

2) Tap on Watools app and afterward click download.

3) This process will start downloading of Watools.

4) Now, install the Watools app.

Q) How is Watools.XYZ rated?

A) With no ratings yet it is among the top-performing WhatsApp apps. This high number of positive user ratings make it excellent software in its genre. We rate it as quality Whatsapp software with best graphics and easy to use interface.

Conclusion: People are gaining a huge advantage of Watools.XYZ, since the day it is designed. It has beaten all other competitors accessible in the market. All the apps and games on our site( is completely safe to install. We have earned a huge name in very minimum time because of our transparency & trustworthiness.

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