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Safety tips for the electric scooter which will save your life

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Written by James Robinson

The electric scooter is fun but having an injury caused by it is not. Getting an injury while having fun on a scooter is not a coincidence when you do not know safety tips. it is even life-threatening sometimes. Scooter related injuries have only soared since it became a hype. We all just get carried away and decide to buy an electric scooter. Well, we care about you and your safety. So we are going to learn about everything you need to know about safely driving an electric scooter.

Wear a helmet

This helmet thing is getting old. Everyone should know this by now that doctors can fix your broken arm not the broken brain. Still, none cares about a helmet and ends up in the hazard. Some people think they do not need one as they are going for a quick trip. But you never know what is waiting there for you. Companies should be responsible in this matter too. They should make the helmet more accessible so that buyers do not hesitate.

Control yourself on speed

We all love to go crazy on the speed with the stunt scooter. But sometimes too much speed pushes you to the accident. Be sensible for your safety. Your family is waiting for you no matter how short the journey is.

Do not go for stunt immediately

A new scooter is like a new toy. You cannot stop riding it. But before you get used to the scooter, do not perform any stunt. Get to know your stunt scooter better, knowing how everything works are crucial. Avoid crowds to avoid any clashes with the busy pedestrians. You do not want to fall foul to the law.

Not for kids

The electric scooter is not for kids at all. Do not let your kids have fun with this. It’s something that they can keep for the future. You could take them to a ride but double riding is not also a good idea. So tell them to be happy with their kid’s scooter and make most of it. If they already do not have one then check ScooterInside for best stunt scooter to gift your children.

Ride single

Maybe you love your friend or partner a little too much. But it’s not a good idea to share the scooter with them no matter what. It is bad for their and your well-being to ride a scooter in share. Sharing hampers the control and then your passenger may fall off the scooter. it’s the last thing you want for them.

Drinking and driving is a big no

Just like you wouldn’t dream of getting in your car drunk, do not attempt it with the scooter either. Driving a car and scooter is not much different. Most of the accidents that happen in the US in scooter happens because of drunk driving the scooter. In Berlin, drunk scooter drivers either loses his driver’s license or pay fine. But before all this, you have to think about your safety because it’s all that matters.

No headphones

Keeping your headphones on saves you from unnecessary social engagements. That’s why it’s so fun to keep them on in the street. But the fun will not last long if you can’t hear a horn behind you and face an accident. Hear what’s going around you to have an understanding of what to do next. It may not help with social anxiety but saves a life.

Always double check

Imagine riding the scooter at high speed and realizing that the brake does not work. More terrifying than a horror movie right? That would never happen if you always check the scooter before riding it on the road. Check the tire throttles, brake, and lights so that you do not have to find through an accident. And before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to know about traffic rules in your area. Different places have different rules and rules are ever-changing too.

What hazard can come riding an electric scooter?

  • Some riders put excessive throttle from dead spots. This results in quick movement in the scooter. To avoid this dial throttle and the controller properly. When the scooter starts moving then apply the throttle. Do not lean to the forward either so that you end up doing a wheelie.
  • Understand that gravity is there with you everywhere. When you are going downhill the gravity is fiercely pulling you there. High speed at that time is dangerous. So keep that in mind and go slower at that time.
  • Electric scooters have lithium battery and it’s highly combustible. It’s not about riding the scooter but charging it. Take enough safety measures while charging your electric scooter. Remove other combustible things around the battery and then charge it. Do not let the battery hang on in charge for too long. As soon as the battery is full unplug it. Also, get the battery from a reliable seller.


Is electric scooter legal on sidewalks?

Sidewalks are for walking not riding an electric scooter. You must not ride there feeling that it’s fun. It can be dangerous for the passer-by and you. Motorized scooters are not legal for sidewalks. It’s because of speed and control. If there are bicycle tracks ride there.

Is elbow and knee protection a must?

You may not know that an electric scooter goes the same speed as a bicycle. You need all protection the same as the bicycle. Wearing elbow and knee pads will save elbows and knees from bruising.

Final verdict

Having an electric scooter is a bliss. You can use it for going anywhere from the office to the neighborhood. Safety tips that are mentioned here are enough to save you. Always follow these rules and do not put yourself at risk. Wish you have a safe ride.

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