Top 5 Safety Tips for Dating Sites

Here are some safety tips for people who love to use Dating Sites and Apps.

Tip #1. No pity and burdensome politeness

So, you decided to go ahead and get registered on a dating site. Soon you will find lots of new friends and potential partners. How to respond to them? Answer to all of them or to just some of them?

After seeing a new message, do not rush to reply. Check out a profile of a person who has sent you that message. Read it carefully if there is something to read. See their photos. Listen to yourself. Many of us have an intuition, you should use it once in a while. If you are disturbed by the information that you’ve got from a profile, you do not like the appearance of a person, you do not feel the desire to communicate with this person, you should not, out of politeness, out of fear to offend a person, or for some other reason, step over yourself, answer their message and start conversation. Trust yourself. You don’t owe anything to anyone on dating sites. You can just simply ignore them and delete their message.

The same goes for dates. If in the process of correspondence and phone conversations, you do not like something very much in a person you are communicating with, you are repelled by their speech, worldview, confused by their behavior, and there is no desire to get acquainted, you can politely refuse to have a date with them. Again, you have every right to do so. Appreciate your time and effort, do not just waste your time.

Tip #2. Do not despair

If a meeting turned out, as it seems to you, to be unsuccessful, a person didn’t call you, or you don’t want to continue communicating – this is normal! That is the law of online dating. This is especially important if you’ve just had your first date and you feel bad about it, this is not the end. Well, if you’ve completely lost the desire to continue the process of virtual dating, you can delete your profile at any time. Real-life dating was and still is a great option.

Tip #3. Initiative – the prerogative of men

This tip is mostly focused on women. Another important question arises when it comes to dating sites: “Should a woman take the initiative in dating?” Well, it depends. Whether you agree with the following statement or not, real men should lead a relationship forward.

Such men will not wait for proposals from women and will be engaged in an active search of a woman. Assertiveness and determination on the female part can repel such a man. However, if you are a woman, and you see that your partner can’t really make the first step towards establishing a relationship – do it yourself.

Tip #4. Keep yourself in hand

If you’ve agreed to a date, do not rush to fall in love without analyzing a person that is completely unfamiliar to you. Be careful and cautious. Women are especially emotional and sometimes inclined to wishful thinking. The higher they fly – the harder they fall. Study your interlocutor, observe their behavior, be rational, analyze all the information about them. Virtual dating has a lot of traps in it.

Do not immediately fall into the euphoria of love, wait for a real meeting, it will put most (if not all) the pieces in their place. I, by no means, urge you to not commit yourself to great online communication with another person. Goodwill, sincerity, ease, and naturalness on your part won’t cause any problem and, undoubtedly, will arouse sympathy from your interlocutor. Communicate freely, without thinking ahead and not building global plans for the future with a new virtual friend.

Tip #5. Do not delay a real meeting

Virtual communication gives a lot of positive emotions and thus, it gets you intrigued for something more. You will receive attention, compliments, the joy of pleasant communication. The feeling of loneliness will vanish, the euphoria of a new acquaintance will swallow you whole as if wings grew behind your back.

Remember that virtual communication is only an illusion of real relationships. It is important not to lose ground. Do not delay asking your partner out for a date in around two to three weeks after you’ve started communicating. To meet in two or three days after the start would be the most optimal choice.

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