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Purulia Lok Sabha Election Result, Winner Candidate Name, Dates, Votes, Constituency

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The constituency is based on Purulia district in West Bengal. All the seven assembly segments of No. 35 Purulia (Lok Sabha constituency) are in Purulia district. The seat is reserved for scheduled castes.

One of the seat from 42 parliamentary constituencies of West Bengal. Purulia parliamentary constituency seat belongs to the Purulia District of West Bengal. Currently AITC Candidate Dr. Mrigan is the Member from Purulia loksabha Seat. In Lok Sabha Election 2014 Total 1471933 Voter has been Enrolled for the voting list from this seat. The election voting % was 81.98% and total 1206653 voter has been voted for their favorite candidates.

The Ratio of Voting on This seat among Male and Fmale was 51.96% – 48.04%.

Loksabha 2014 Election Voting Situation.

AITC – 468277(38.87%) – Dr. Mriagan

AIFB- 314400 (26.10%) – Narhari

INC – 257923 (21.41%) Nepal Maha

BJP – 86236 (7.16)- Bikash Ban

SUCI – 11266 (0.80%) – Subarna Kumar

Other 7 candidates – 66573 (5.53%)

List of winner/current and runner up MPs Purulia Parliamentary Constituency.

The table below represents the names of all the winning and runner up MPs of Purulia parliamentary constituency of all the years from the starting until now . It also shows the number of votes secured by each MP and the name of the political party they belong to. The current sitting member of parliament of the Purulia constituency is Dr. Mriganka Mahato of AITC. 

Year PC No. PC Name Category winner/current MP Gender Party Vote Runner Up MP Gender Party Vote
2014 35 Purulia GEN Dr. Mriganka Mahato M AITC 468277 Narahari Mahato M AIFB 314400
2009 35 Purulia GEN Mahato,Shri Narahari M AIFB 399201 Shantiram Mahato M INC 379900
2006 Bye Pol Purulia GEN Narahari Mahato M AIFB 378501 Shantiram Mahato M INC 291468
2004 34 Purulia GEN Bir Singh Mahato M AIFB 341057 Shantiram Mahato M INC 195339
1999 34 Purulia GEN Birsingh Mahato M FBL 351143 Tapati Mahato M BJP 176273
1998 34 Purulia GEN Bir Singh Mahat0 M FBL 376313 Nepal Mahata M INC 219176
1996 34 Purulia GEN Bir Sing Mahato M FBL 375559 Gobinda Mukherjee M INC 265689
1991 34 Purulia GEN Chitta Ranjan Mahata M FBL 336105 Sanat Mukherjee M INC 210165
1991 Bye Pol Purulia GEN B. Mahato M FBL 356604 K.P.S.Deo M INC 222868
1989 34 Purulia GEN Chitta Ranjan Mahata M FBL 379191 Sitaram Mahato M INC 240296
1984 34 Purulia GEN Chittaranjan Mahata M FBL 261460 K.P. Singh Deo M INC 247709
1980 34 Purulia GEN Chitta Ranjan Mahata M FBL 227453 Ram Pada Singha M INC(I) 122561
1977 34 Purulia GEN Chittaranjan Mahata M FBL 200985 Pashupati Mahato M INC 84433
1971 32 Purulia GEN Debendra Nath Mahata M INC 130264 Bhajahari Mahato M LSS 54221
1967 32 Purulia GEN B. Mahato M IND 120189 S. Mahato M INC 88784
1962 29 Purulia GEN Bhajahari Mahato M LSS 68295 Sagar Chandra Mahato M INC 60882
1957 10 Purulia GEN Bibhuti Bhusan Das Gupta M IND 75890 Mahato Nagendra Nath Singh Deo M INC 56698

Purulia 2019 Lok sabha election Candidates

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Lok Sabha Election 2019 Purulia Winner, Election Result, Voting Percentage

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