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As we know that Mx Player is most Popular Video Playing Application for Android And Now MX pLayer for PC Available. When it comes to entertainment field we all have mostly watched videos and movies on the different platform. still watching movies offline from your phones memory storage is the best and most popular option for entertainment lovers.  almost every single mobile user watch movies and videos on their Smartphone and PC.But this is necessary that they have to watch these videos in best media player.

MX Player is one of the most popular applications for playing offline videos on Android mobile phones. Watching offline videos in best resolution is a must for the mobile user no matter what is their operating system, either Android or iPhone, For this MX Player is the best application for mobile users.  but many people want to know that is MX Player for PC or laptop or Windows supported mobile phone is available or not. Because basically MX player has been released for Android devices only.

MX Player for pc

Whenever you watch a video from your memory storage on the mobile phone, MX Player is it the best option for you to watch your videos but when it comes to PC, MX Player official version is not available.  this is the reason that many people who use MX Player on Android devices they also want to use MX Player on PC or also MX player on Windows mobile phones.  here we are going to share complete detail about how to install MX player on PC laptop or desktop computer.

Features of MX player for windows phone or PC

  • MX Player has HW plus recorder which allows advanced hardware acceleration.
  • MX Player supports dual audio video files also.
  • user can play movies or videos with any extension like 3GP, Avi, f4v, MP4, VOB, WebM, DIVX, MKV, MOVAnd many other.
  • Video zoom in zoom out slides up down to adjust volume and brightness features are available.
  • Dual core devices performance is for much better than single-core devices.
  • If you want to do not play videos and movies for your kids then there is an option for kids lock which Lok calls and other applications.
  • You can zoom in and zoom out videos while watching on MX Player.
  • MX Player also supports subtitles.
  • If you want to pause resume forward or reverse your video while playing then there is an option is available.
  • if you want to watch HD videos on MX player using YouTube streaming then you can use MX Player online.
  • And many other easy to use features with proper instruction even silly beginners can also use MX Player with ease.

How to Use and Install MX Player for PC laptop and Windows phone

if you are looking here to download and install MX Player for PC or Windows phone after knowing these amazing features of MX Player for PC then you are at the best place here we are going to share step by step guide for your problem.  as we have already said that MX Player is officially released for Android only if you want to use MX Player for PC Download then you have to use any Android Emulator.  there are thousands of emulator available for Android device but if you want to use MX Player then you have to use the best one.  here we are going to share how you can use MX Player for PC with Nox Player emulator.  Nox Player is the most popular emulator for Windows devices.

so follow this given guide step by step and you will be able to download and install MX player on your Windows phone.

  1. first, visit the official website of Nox Player and download apk file of Nox Player.
  2. Download Nox Player
  3. now double click on the Apk file and start the installation process of Nox Player on your PC.
  4. follow the instructions while installing Nox Player it will take some time so you have to make patients.
  5. now after installation, they will be an icon of Nox Player on your Windows PC or mobile phone.
  6. now open the Nox Player by clicking the mistake icon.
  7. Now click on search bar option on Nox Player which is on the top right corner.
  8. search year for MX Player and you will see MX Player icon on Nox Player.
  9. click on the icon and MX Player download and installation process will start immediately.
  10. MX Player download it directly from the Google Play Store.
  11. follow the instruction and complete the installation of MX Player.
  12. now you have successfully installed MX Player on your PC.
  13. now you can find MX Player app into my apps option on Nox Player.

still, if you face any problem while downloading and installing MX player using BlueStack then you have to check that Nox Player is installed on your PC correctly or not or you have to download the latest version of MX Player also.

Why the MX Player is the best option for windows phone

as you know that there is no official  MX Player application is available for Windows phone still we are suggesting you to use MX Player for your Windows phone.  there is lots of reasons available behind this.  first of them is we have already shared the features of MX Player and we can say that these are the best features which user need while watching videos or movies offline on their smartphone or PC. And also MX Player is the most popular video player for smartphones this is also a reason to use MX Player for Windows phones.

And also you will experience that when you’re using MX Player while watching your videos then the video will playing on more larger screen or covering all the corners of the screen of your Windows smartphone. this is the reason that MX Player gives the best experience to the users.

Alternative of MX Player for PC users or Windows users.

if you are a Windows PC user and you do not want to install an Android emulator on your Windows PC then there will be no possibility to use MX Player for PC.  but still, if you want to use any best alternative of MX Player on your PC then we suggest you use VLC media player on your Windows device.

the feature of VLC are also very much similar to MX Player and if you watch movies and videos in multi languages as well as with subtitles in VLC media player is the best alternative MX Player for PC user and windows user.


as we have shared the complete details about the MX Player. MX Player is officially launched for the Android smartphone users only but here we have shared a complete guide that how PC users and Windows phone users can download and install MX Player on their devices.  if you are also a Windows phone user and want to use MX Player then follow each step and you will be able to use MX Player on your Windows phone.  and if you think that any of your friends are using Windows Phone or Windows PC and he wants to use MX Player then you can share this article with him/ her on your social media account like Facebook or WhatsApp or Twitter.

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