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Kesari Movie Box Office Collection | Reviews| Hit/Flop Verdict

Kesari Movie is going to be another Block Buster fro Akshay kumar. Akshay Kumar is in the lead of the Kesari Movie movie and Praneeti Chopra is playing lead actress against Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar Movie has get Highest Opening in 2019 by Beating Ranveer Singh Starer Gully Boy and Become highest opening day collection movie of the year 2019.

Kesari Movie Star Cast

Akshay Kumar
Parineeti Chopra
Vikram Kochar
Suvinder Vicky
Vansh Bhardwaj
Vikram Singh Chauhan
Mir Sarwar

Kesari Movie Reviews | Akshay Kumar | Parineeti Chopra

Kesari Movie become Highest Rating movie of the year 2019 from critics. Some Critics said that This is a Chronicles a significant chapter from history brilliantly. The Direction of Anurag Singh Was Very Good. The Subject of the move is very sensetive and director handled it in a very good way. Movie is 2.30 Hours long and First Half isan introduction of the characters and Build up to the battle.

The war started in the second half only, Towards the end, there are long snatches with barely any dialogue. There‚Äôs just fighting, screaming and slicing. Still, Movie story bind with the audience Emotions and over all it’s a Box Office Winner.

Kesari Movie Collection Budget and Hit/Flop Verdict

Kesari Movie has Been Entered in the 100 Crore Club And going to break all the Box Office collection records of the year 2019 and can become Highest Grossing movie of 2019.

Kesari Movie has Been Collected 21 Crore which is highest for a movie in india in 2019. In the First 3 Days Kesari Movie Has been collect More than 57 Crore from the Box office and still a holiday remaining in the weekend.As per the progress and collection trends on the box office Kesari Movie Possibly going to make a profit of more than 25 Crores.

The Collection of Kesari Movie will Increase beacuse it is getting positive word to mouth. Whether the Critics are prasing the work of Akshay Kumar and the director. Anurag Singh.

Here is the Day Wise Box Office Collection of the Kesari Movie.

Kesari Movie First Day Collection

21 Crore Trade Figure

21.06 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie Second Day Collection

16.7 Crore Trade Figure

16.7 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie Third Day Collection

18.75 Crore Trade Figure

18.75 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie 4th Day Collection

21.5 Crore Trade Figure

21.51 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie 5th day Collection

8.25 Crore Trade Figure

8.25 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie 7th Day collection

6.25  Crore Trade Figure

6.75 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 8th Day Collection

5.85 Crore Trade Figure

5.85 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 9th Day Collection

4.25 Crore Trade Figure

4.45 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 10th Day Collection

6.45 Crore Trade Figure

6.45 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 11th Day Collection

8.25 Crore Trade Figure

8.25 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 12th Day Collection

3.25 Crore Trade Figure

3.27 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 13th Day Collection

2.75 Crore Trade Figure

2.75 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 14th Day Collection

2.25 Crore Trade Figure

2.42 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 15th Day Collection

2 Crore Trade Figure

Kesari 16th Day Collection

1.5 Crore Trade Figure

1.65 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 17th Day Collection

2.5 Crore Trade Figure

Kesari 18th Day Collection

3.2 Crore Trade Figure

3.23 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari 19th Day Collection

1 Crore Trade Figure

Kesari 20th Day Collection

1 Crore Trade Figure

Kesari Movie Total Box Office Colelction till the date

124.5 Crore Trade Figure

116.76 Crore Producer Figure

Kesari Movie Budget

Production Cost: 80 Crore

Prints & Advertising Cost: 20 Crore

Kesari Movie Verdict Hit or Flop

Kesari will be considered a hit if it crosses 110 Crores and will be considered average if it crosses 100 Crores, You have to wait till the final Update of the Box Office Collection till the date we are updating Box Office collection every day.

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