100% Working Method to Check & Send Instagram Direct Message (DM) on Laptop/PC

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Instagram Direct Message on PC:- Instagram is one of the most popular applications which is used by users from all around the world.  and I hope that you are also an Instagram user, But main Instagram user wants to use or send an Instagram direct message from the computer. so if you are also searching here for how to send an Instagram direct message from computer or laptop then this tutorial completely dedicated to you.

There is lots of people faces problem because they do not know how to DM on Instagram and this is the article which will help all of them to clear their doubts that how to message on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular apps for the users and it is available for Android Devices only, This is the reason that people loves to send the Instagram direct message on pc.

And most of the people do not know that How to send a DM on Instagram. and also they can check DMs on Instagram.If you also want to know How to Dm someone on Instagram on PC than you are at the best place on the internet out this article completely dedicated to the people who want to know that How to message people on Instagram on Computer PC or Laptop.

as you know that this article is a tutorial to solve the problem that how the user can send Instagram direct message from there laptop PC or desktop Browser. This method will work great if you are sending an automatic Instagram direct message on PC and also you can send your Instagram messages to your PCdirectly.

Send Instagram Direct Message (Dm) Using Bluestacks Player

When it comes to the Android players Bluestacks always come at the top which can convert your widows device into android and you will be able to use Android apps on Windows supported devices.So you can send Instagram DM using Bluestacks Emulator, By following these given steps.

  • First Download And Install bluestacks Emulator on your Windows Device.
  • After Installation, you have Launch Bluestack on your Windows device.
  • Now you have Login with your google account on Bluestacks for using Android apps, For this, you have to click
  • on the Right arrow from the Bottom right side of your screen.
  • Now you will be at the Dashboard of bluestacks.
  • Now you Have to Search for the “Instagram app” using the search option.
  • Once it Appears, Click on it and you will be able to download it directly from google play store.
  • Click on the install button and Install Instagram on your Windows Device.
  • Now launch the Instagram application on your Windows device and log in with your Instagram Account.
  • Now click on the Instagram Direct option and you will be able to see the message option.
  • And You can start the conversation with anyone using your computer and Bluestacks easily.

Access Instagram From Your Computer And Mac Laptop

if you love to share your photos with your friends then Instagram is the best and most popular way for you. but Instagram is mostly used as an application, if you want to access Instagram from your computer browser then the way you can normally log in to your account and access to your feeds method does not work. 

Most of the people do not use their mobile phone when they work on laptop and PC. at that time they want to check their Instagram notification or messages on their PC or laptop. this is the reason that we are here sharing how you can get Instagram Direct message on PC which will help you to save your time while working on the laptop.

How to send the Instagram direct message on PC and MAC laptop

the most required things when you want to send an Instagram direct message on laptop is you have to the most recent version of Windows or you have to an upgraded version of Windows 7 or Windows version which have released after Windows 7.Because these versions of Windows are compatible with the Instagram application.

Now you have to visit the Windows app store and where you can search for Instagram app and download the app.  you can install this application on your Windows system directly from Windows app center and after installation just pin it to start Taskbar and allow notification, after that whenever you get new message or any notification you will get that notification on your computer. if you still have any problem then follow this step by step guide.

  • initially open the Windows app store.
  • now search for the Instagram app in Windows app store search bar, the search bar is in the top right side.
  • Now click on the install button for Install Instagram on your computer.
  • right click on install this application automatically download and installation will be complete to your computer. you just have to follow the instructions.
  • after that, you can find this application under the newly added tab.
  • if you want to pin this application to your start menu then just right click on the application and pin to start for instant use.
  • open the application here and you will get that it is working same like It’s working on the mobile phone.

How To Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

So here we have shared the complete details of how to use the Instagram app on PC or laptop or how to send direct message from Instagram to PC or laptop if you work on laptop or PC and also want to check notification and messages of Instagram.

In This Situation, this article will very help you and if you think any of your friends need to use this application on his computer or laptop then you can share this article with your friends on social media account like Facebook and WhatsApp.

This is the question for you, can you DM on Instagram on the computer if you don’t know than here is your answer that Instagram Direct Lets you send the message to One or More People From Pc or Laptop.

And there are lots of people who don’t know how to check dm on Instagram online. And also we are going to share how users can manage that how they can receive and send direct message someone on Instagram.People can use this guide for send a disappearing photo or Video. so we can say that this is the best guide for how to dm someone on Instagram on the computer.

Instagram Direct Text Message on PC

As we are going to share all the details about how to send Instagram direct messages on Instagram. with this guide, you will be able to send a direct text message with pictures or without pictures. so follow each and every step for send text message on Instagram on pc.

  1. First Install Instagram on your computer or laptop using the given method.
  2. Now go to the home screen of pc and click on the Instagram Messenger Icon.
  3. If you have received any direct message earlier than you will see the earlier message also on the app. But if you haven’t sent any message then you send a new direct message by clicking on the + button in the right side corner on the top of the screen. and click on the send message.
  4. Here You can select the contact you want to send the message or you can search that contact by the username.
  5. Click on the circle icon next to the username and click on the next.
  6. Now click on the Next Button.
  7. Here you can write your direct message and can send it to the person you want to DM. with photos from gallery or take a new photo.

How to Send Locations and HashTag on Instagram DM

If you are an Instagram user and want to send a stick and location in Your direct message then you can follow this guide. here we are going to say complete details about how to send #and locations in a direct message.

  1. first, navigate the location page for HashTag which you want to send.
  2. now click on the message icon from the corner in the right side of the screen.
  3. now select the username or search the username which you want to send location for a state.
  4. now click on the username I can.
  5. now will be appeared to enter your original message here.
  6. now click on the send button.


Here we have shared the complete details about how to use Instagram For Pc. Also, we have shared complete details about how to Send Instagram Direct Message (DM) on pc. By using these method user will be able to send an Instagram message directly on PC. And also we have shared the details about how to use Instagram direct for pc.

Here is more than how to check direct messages on Instagram on the computer. Instagram DM online is the best option for the people who want to use Instagram on the laptop and want to send how to message on Instagram on the laptop. The complete guide is here about how to direct message on Instagram on pc and how to send a message on Instagram on a computer. If you think that this how to DM on Instagram on pc guide is useful for you then you can share this article with your friends on your social media accounts. And if you facing any problem while Using Instagram direct message on pc then you tell us in the comment box, we will give you instant help.

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