Connecting With Artists Around the World Using iamhere App

Written by Agent Romanoff

In our day to day life, we are surrounded by many talents around us, and some are good at dancing while some sing very good. We never had a way of connecting to these people simply and easily. If you are passionate about a Hobbie or something in your life, it acts as a power source for us. We often had a question in our minds how can we enrich and explore our talents and abilities to a more excellent way the answer came in the form of – I am here app.

So there are plenty like you who wants to build their talents and do something in life, here’s how I’m here app comes into play. I’m here app uses such advanced techniques that ease you to find guitarist, singers, dancers and various other artists near you quickly. These makes it easy for us to connect with those who are just like us and share the same talents. I am here app is highly secure, and it uses Google maps integration to show your searched skills which are near you quickly. As we all know how precise Google maps are similarly, I am here app is pinpoints the location.

It is easy to use as well as download it. Install it, and use it on your phone. Efficient yet straightforward as all the talents are now near you. Let us tell you how you can use in here app from the start.

  •   The very first step is to download it for your Android or Ios devices after that install it and accept all the terms and conditions the app ask.
  •   The second step is to fill all your details, like name and number. This number will later use to send an OTP on your device to verify you.
  •   After reviving OTP, you can enter it and check yourself.
  •   Now, the option for your avatar selection is there, select your appropriate avatar.
  •   Now here is the crucial thing, you have to enter your skills and details respectively. Enter all the details and qualifications you have, make it unique and exciting.
  •   Now on the home page in the search bar, you can search for the appropriate skills so that you can have someone like you who have similar skills.

Now it is easy to connect to talents around you, how interesting it is. Let’s take an example of how easy it is. So if you search for a dancing student near you, what I am here app does is it will let you call or text them immediately with safe and secure connections. So it is that easy to connect with them, as now you are connected to a dancing student you can talk to them and even call them if you like, you can now know them the way you want.

Let us take another example of a Footballer, and if you search footballer on the search bar, you can see the list easily by tapping on the people icon. Now here you have all the list of the people who play football. You can get any information about these talents and use it your way. The best thing is you can also search for a Ngo if you like, it will show the list of all the Ngo Near you easily. If you open them, you’ll see all the related events or upcoming events in future. I’m here app is useful in every way; it connects seemingly fast and easy and connects you to your talents in an effective way as well.

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