How to know When its time to Euthanize or Put your dog down

The hardest question when it comes to euthanizing is How do I know if & when I had to say goodbye to my pet.

It is very difficult to contemplate because animals don’t live as long as humans live. Sooner or later their lives come to an end. They may die in the middle of the sleep or the may die due to trauma.

Or they may reach a point in their life as you. So as a loving pet owner must take a decision regarding euthanizing your pet.

There are some situations where the decision is obvious, for example, if your dog had a stroke or paralyzed. then your obvious decision will be to euthanize your pet.

Quality of their life is important. Don’t try to keep your pet alive for you. Instead, keep it alive for themselves.

There are some signs to say goodbye your pet.

8 Signs to Know its time to Put your Dog Down 

1. Lack of life in the eyes  – means your pet won’t react to whatever you do in front of it.

2. Lack of cognizance – your pet can’t recognize your or where it is.

3. Cannot walk or Paralysed

4. Refuses to eat or has bouts of bloody diarrhea or vomiting

5. Lost bladder or bodily function control – No timely fecal discharge & other complications start.

6. Pet head presses – means not responding to other stimuli

7. Cannot stand up on his own

8. In a Chronic seizure state, has bone fractures, or bleeding from mouth, rectum and other parts of the body.






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