How to Save Money on Photography

How to Save Money on Photography
Written by James Robinson

Photography is a passion to many. It is a passion that brings out the artist in us and creates a hobby that captures memories in a single piece of film. Many people find photography as a costly passion and avoid it because of that. But today I am here to tell you that photography can be cheap and this article will tell you exactly how you can limit your costs on photography whether it is for hire or it is for your own passion.

Ask for a price break-If you are planning to host an event on months when business is less then you can ask for a discount to the photographers you hire. As business is going slow that month most of them give a fair discount. You can get up to 20% discount if you use your words right.

Hire local photographer-Lots of photographers take a fees for the travel they have don’t to your venue. So if you consider hiring a local photographer then you can hire him for a considerably less price.

Ask for discounts based on referrals-If a friend can refer you to a photographer and if you tell them you are here on referral then you can get a great discount because of that referral.

Many photographers remember their customers and because of the customer referral they r getting work so they do not mind cutting off a few hundred dollars off the pay if you have a referral. Always mansion who referred you. Some photographers give away special discounts based on referrals.

Find package deals that fit your budget– Before hiring a photographer for your event make a proper list of the style and the type of photos and videos that you want to shoot in your event.

That way when you go into the hiring process you can easily cross out the photographers who do not shoot photos the way you want to. That can easily narrow down your research and you can choose the photographer with the budget you have.

Book photographers early and in your budget– Some photographers often offer discounts if you book them early. So try to secure one as soon as you set an event date. Even if you do not get an actual discount you can still be getting a discount in practice.

As days pass photographers are raising their prices so early booking a photographer might be a good idea for cheap rates that might seem high now but will not seem that high in future. You can also use payback method to pay photographers like using credit card to pay so that you can get some kind of discount by using payback method.

Opt for digital photos only-One good way to save your money is to ask the photographers for a digital package. That means all the photos that they click will be given to you on a drive and no photo will be printed so you can save on that cost.

The advantage here is that you can print off much more affordable photos for friends and family members, or even email those copies so that they can print their own. Heck, you can even print off a low-quality photo on your home printer if Grandma wants a copy for her fridge.

Hire for less time-Don’t book your photographer for as much time, and you can dramatically reduce the cost of your photography contract. The person will have fewer photos to process and will charge you fewer overall hours. You don’t need the photographer to stay unnecessarily. You can click the important photos in the given time and he will charge you for that time only.

Ask, rent or buy second hand photography equipment-Before you start on your photography journey or passion you are going to need some equipment that can make your photos look amazing. Lenses are one of the most important part of a great photo.

These lenses can be pricy so to make this a little easy on rising photographers, you can ask a friend for his lens to experiment your photography skills or rent a lens or buy a send hand for a cheaper price.

Edit the photos by a retouching company– Nowadays there are so many editing companies like clipping path house graphic media that would gladly edit your photos for a cheap price that you do not need the photographer to personally edit your photos.

You can just ask for the raw photos as a result and get the photos edited on photo retouching service companies for a much cheaper price. This is also a way to lower the cost on photography.

Consider hiring an emerging photographer-If you’re still struggling to make the budget work, consider hiring a newer event photographer. Once you start looking, you’ll find that there’s lots of new talent to choose from.

While they might not have years of solo experience, so long as they have training and samples of their work, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider someone emerging onto the scene. If you go this route, however, it’s best to meet with them in person to discuss your wedding-day wishes so he or she knows exactly what to expect.

Finally, I hope this article will help you in your future events where you want to lower the cost of photography.

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