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Human beings are social animals. All we love to make new friends or talk to new peoples. Some of the social Medias help in achieving them.  Facebook and WhatsApp are the trending and most used social Medias. These social media platforms are for sharing so many things which we earlier cannot do.

Generation is so much just because of success or people are here just running everywhere they are just running nobody is having time to wait or to talk to their loved ones or family. Even though these days Students stays away from their home for higher studies, job or for any purpose WhatsApp came to us with a medium to feel like home. It means now a days when a Smartphone buyer buys phone then first of all his mind says to download the WhatsApp because now this is every person one of the biggest need when they have a Smartphone.


  • Free Messaging
  • Send Audio/Video
  • Free voice or video call with high quality video and audio both.
  • Send Stickers
  • Send Voice messages
  • No limit of messages, you can send unlimited messages.
  • Send Documents, links, images, videos etc.
  • Send current Location or Live location.
  • Free backup

Whatsaap users have lots of purpose to use the application some are to get connected to family, some wants group video calling to chill with their close friends and nowadays group chatting is one of the reason people use Whatsapp group links. People are having miles of distance and technology has made them to stay connected with loved ones.

The reason behind the success and popularity for Whatsapp is cross platform where we can send images, videos, Contact info and many more things to another Whatsapp user.  So it easy and safe to use, nowadays so many applications are there but there is security problem and also.According to the study Whatsaap becomes the most popular instant messaging app with having 1.5 billion monthly user and 1 billion active users in the year 2018 and every day more numbers of users are increasing.

Most of the people uses Whatsaap because of the Group messaging, where people add their loved ones or create various groups like friends had a group college friends, staffs, family etc. There are so many purpose of making groups. In Group messaging we all had created groups added members but 95% people don’t know about “Invite via Link”, this means we can Invite members in group by sharing or by clicking just join it. How the create group link? It’s so simple just in some simple steps.

  • Go to ‘Group Info’ and Tap on Invite via link.
  • There will be options like
  • Send link via Whatsaap
  • Copy Link.
  • Share Link.

Completing all these procedure just click the link and you directly get into the group.

Final Note

This is all about how to create and join Whatsapp group via link. Go and try once. This one is helpful cause most of the people don’t know about it.

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