How to Get Spotify Premium for Free For iPhone And Android Forever

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How to Get Spotify Premium for Free:- Spotify is the largest music streaming application and service available on the internet. is replication provides almost every single song from every album or singer from all around the world? Spotify is the most popular service among music lovers. every person who has used Spotify every follows that is Spotify as a free subscription but that free subscription is for the limited time. after that user has to pay the fixed amount per month to Spotify premium features.

Spotify premium has great features for the users like unlimited skips no Edwards and around better experience for the music. when a music lover thinks about to search the best music online Spotify always be the best for them. Spotify has great features that allow users to create shared and take all of your playlists anywhere on unlocking your device is like Android supported or iPhone.

because of the amazing features of Spotify premium people want to bypass the restrictions and want to use Spotify Premium for free. this is the reason that music lovers search on the internet for how to get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone and Android devices.

most of the people have to root the mobile phone for using Spotify premium apk for free but recently we have found some tricks which told you how to Get Spotify Premium for free because of this we are writing this article and here we are going to guide you to solve your problem about Spotify premium.

Features of Spotify Premium App

  1. Spotify premium app is completely ads free.
  2. you will get unlimited skips in Spotify premium application.
  3. You can use scrubbing through songs.
  4. you will get extra sound quality streaming of songs.

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free Forever

Everyone wants to use Spotify Premium Free Apk but most of the people able to use Spotify Free for a very limited time as they provide the trial version for very little time. In this situation, most of the people want to know how to get Spotify Premium free forever.  Because using Spotify premium free android is not that easy because of the strict policies.

The user can use hacked Spotify Apk but using Hacked Spotify Apk is not good for our Android devices. Even iPhone users also want to know that how to get Spotify premium for free on iPhone Forever. So here we are going to share complete details of Spotify Premium Apk With Unlimited Skips for Android and iOs users.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone

Users can get Spotify Premium for free on their iPhone. because is Spotify premium is very much popular between iPhone users. here we are going to say your complete step by step guide on how to Get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone. and also we will be able to download and install Spotify premium free android.

Requirements for Spotify Premium for iPhone free.

there are lots of people who want to know how to get unlimited skips on Spotify iPhone no jailbreak, you do not need to use jailbreak or any computer for this method.

sometimes the Spotify premium app for free being crushed on iPhone. this happened because of the certified been revoked by the Apple so you need to do to fix it follows this guide again if it does not work, then you have to find a working method once again. it is we update with a new working method.

Step-by-step guide

  • first, you have to uninstall Spotify application if any version already installed on your iPhone.
  • you have to navigate IPASinger on your iOS device using Safari Browser.
  • Download IPASinger from Here.
  • you will find the list of hacked apps to install on your iPhone, you will find Spotify premium application by the name of install Spotify after a few seconds.
  • you just click on the install button at the apt will begin to install on your iPhone.
  • follow these instructions carefully while installing Spotify Premium for free.
  • once the apt has been installed on your phone you have to provide trust to the developer of the application.
  • you can follow the structure settings>> general>> device management and provide the trust to the developer here.
  • now you will be able to Get Spotify Premium for free on iPhone iPod Touch for iPad.
  • Now you will be able to know how to get Spotify premium free forever.

we have shared step by step guide for iPhone users that how to get Spotify premium application for free on iPhone and I are supported devices. you have to follow each and every step carefully for issue free download and installation of Spotify premium application.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free for Android

lots of particle and guide already published on the Internet about how to Get Spotify Premium for free. but with time teach tricks and guide got vanished and the user has to find a new way to get Spotify premium or they have to pay for this.

Recently we have found the street which bypasses all the restrictions found for Spotify premium and you will be able to get premium features of Spotify app for free for unlimited days with unlimited skips. You have to follow all the instructions and points step by step for getting premium Spotify.

  1. If you have any version of the Spotify app on your device already then you have to uninstall this application from your smartphone.
  2. now download the modified or hacked version of Spotify premium.
  3. Download
  4. You cannot find head Spotify APK on Google Play Store so you have to download it from the third-party website. you can directly download from the given link.
  5. Now click only APK file for Spotify premium application and start the installation.
  6. you have to provide apps installation from unknown sources setting of your smartphone.
  7. because we have downloaded Spotify Premium Apk from the third party.
  8. for allow the app to install the third party you can follow the structure.
  9. go to settings>> security>> unknown sources>> a simple click on the option will switch it to anyone but first, you may see a warning message you have to click on Ok to accept the terms and conditions.
  10. now you can install a modified Spotify premium app on your Android phone.
  11. follow each and every step and instruction while installing the applications.


for the music lovers, we have shared complete details about Spotify premium application. the basic motive behind the sharing of this article is providing complete details that how to Get Spotify Premium for free. here we have shared all the details for iPhone users and Android users. Spotify is the largest visit on the Internet and people will like to know how to get Spotify premium free on iPhone forever and Android devices.

if you think any of your music lover friends need this application then you can share this article with your friends on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. and if you and any of your friend is facing problem while downloading and installing Spotify premium application on your device then you can tell us in the comment box we will give you instant solution about your problem.

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