How to Get Deep 360 Waves Overnight

Written by James Robinson

Getting 360 waves around the head top, back, left, and the right side is a dream for African-American men. It looks impressive but requires proper technique to obtain. That being said, only niggas with short hair can achieve 360 waves. 

However, in reality, with proper care and technique, anyone can develop 360 waves. Regarding this, we’ve been getting a question over and over again that how to get deep 360 waves overnight. 

Also, some people have asked how long it takes? Is it possible to get overnight? Simply put, there is no exact time to get it. It all depends on the hair texture you are born with. 

Yes, you can get 360 waves overnight but with specific hair texture. You first have to understand how long different hair texture takes. Then you can decide which hair texture you have and how to get 360 waves with it. Let’s get started.

How Long Does Different Hair Texture Take? 

Earlier, we mentioned, there is no specific time frame of getting 360 waves. It depends on your hair texture. Usually, there are two types of hair textures where one gets wave sooner than the other.

Hair Texture A

People who are born with a thick hair texture that has loose curls. These hairs are too curly, and the curls are a bit long. The long curls mean bigger waves. This hair texture is similar to the hair of artist mike 360. With hair texture A, you are more likely to get 360 waves in one day. 

Note that, that doesn’t mean your hair with similar to mike 360 will surely get 360 waves in one day. The chances are high but not precise. People with this hair texture can get 360 waves with continuous brushing. Also, the best wave pomade for black hair can help.

Hair Texture B

The hair texture B takes too long to achieve 360 waves. This type of hair has small curls. And, the smaller the curls, the lesser the chance of getting 360 waves overnight. It means these hair types will have smaller waves. 

Generally, hair texture B can expect to get 360 waves after four weeks. They need to brush their hair daily. The maximum range of getting waves is 90 days. Also, with this hair texture, you will need a haircut every 30 days. 

Most people with this hair texture will be likely to get 360 waves after the first haircut. Though it takes longer, this type of hair doesn’t lose waves quickly. On the other hand, people with hair texture A are at risk of losing waves too rapidly. 

How to Get Deep 360 Waves Overnight?

If you have texture “A” type of hair, you can follow the instruction below to get deep 360 waves. 

  1. At first, make sure you get a short haircut with straight-size hair. Cut your hair ½” and ¼” size. 
  2. Then wash your hair with dedicated wave shampoo. You can also use regular shampoo or soap. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner to moisturize the hair. 
  3. After taking a shower, apply pomade or lotion on your wet hair. Cover all over the hair adequately. Then start brushing your hair in that state. Start from the crown of the head and move forward. Do the same for all directions. Make sure to brush evenly to get deep 360 waves.
  4. Put on durag after brushing your hair. It helps to lock the waves in place. Make sure to wear it tightly and leave the durag for about 30 minutes. 
  5. By now, 360 waves should form in your hair texture. Still, you can repeat the whole process one more time in a day to get deep 360 waves overnight. 


In summary, if you are born with thick and curly hair, there is a chance of getting 360 waves overnight. You need to follow the steps that we mentioned above. And, this is how to get deep 360 waves overnight. 

However, to maintain the wave for long, make sure to get a haircut more often. And, of course, keep yourself hydrated.


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