How to Download and Save Gifs And Videos from Twitter, Instagram For Android and iPhone

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Download and Save Gif from Twitter:- GIF images are very popular went to express short incidents on social media. lots of people are using GIF to share entertainment and informative things. There are Lots of people who want to know how to save gifs from twitter. Because Save Twitter Gifs is not that easy for the people as it does not have any direct Download Option for users to download Gifs From Twitter.

As we know that Twitter is also very popular social media or microblogging website where lots of GIF images shared every day. lots of people want to know how to download GIFs from Twitter or how to save GIF from Twitter. if you are a regular Twitter user then you know that you cannot download GIF images from Twitter is easy as other social media and other sites. another social media sites user can do right click and save directly GIF images on there smartphone or PC. but we know that when we use Twitter there is no option to right click on GIF image this is the reason that we cannot download GIF images directly from Twitter.

There are lots of people who want to know that how they can download GIF images from Twitter. Here we are going to share the ways to download GIF from Twitter for Android and other operating systems. by using this method you can download any jeff’s pic on your Android device from Twitter or any Twitter embedded GIFs on any website.

GIF is actually and moving picture which does not have audio. this picture looks like the video but it is very light in size than the video file. On social media sites like Facebook and Twitter people used to share these GIF images for entertainment and information purpose. People Who Search on the internet for how to save a gif from twitter, This article is the real gem for all of them. By following these given steps you also able to know How to Download Video From Twitter along with GIFs.

How to Download and Save Gifs From Twitter on Android

downloading an image from Twitter is same as the other social networking site but downloading an animated image in the format of GIS then it is hard to download from Twitter. if you want to download normal static images then you can do right click on the image and can save directly on your Android device for PC.

But this right click option to not work with GIF images on Twitter so if you want to download GIF images from theatre then you have to use some specific apps for Android device which help you to download GIF from Twitter.

Here we are going to tell about some application for Android which helps the Android user to download and save GIF from Twitter. And also we are going to share about some online GIF download from Twitter. by using digits Android user can easily download GIF from Twitter. there are lots of application on Google Play Store but first, we are here going to say you’re the best online GIF downloader on Twitter.

  1. For download Gif From Twitter using this online downloader open Twitter on Yuva Android Smartphone and Motu the animation dear you want to download.
  2.  Click on Online Gif Converter for Open Gif Downloader.
  3. now place the animation export to finish screen and click on the share button from the minimum.
  4. Now you will be shown the URL of the animation GIF on Twitter.
  5. Copy this URL to the clipboard.
  6. download the online zip converter from your browser and paste is copied URL there.
  7. now click on the convert and you will get a download link for this.
  8. click on the download button and same is GIS on your Android device.

after complete this process, you can see the GIF of Twitter in your gallery of Android phone. now you can use this Gia way you won’t let you can share on other social media accounts or you can send it GIF into the messaging apps to your friends.

This is the online way to download and save GIF from Twitter. but if you are an Android user and want to download and save GIF from Twitter directly in you have to use some applications which we are going to share. we have tasted a lot of apps for download Twitter gifts and after that, we have listed at you to share with our readers so here we are going to share the best apps to download and save GIF from Twitter for Android users.

Save GIF from Twitter using TWEET2GIF App for Android

  • Save GIF from Twitter using TWEET2GIF App for Android
  • There are many third-party applications for download and save GIF from Twitter.
  • TWEET2GIF is the best of them so if you want to download GIF from Twitter then you have to install TWEET2GIF it on your Android device.
  • Download and install TWEET2GIF from Google Play Store.
  • now open this application on your Android device.
  • now go to Twitter app and copy the URL of GIS with you want to download.
  • best that URL  in TWEET2GIF.
  • Now you can download this file in MP4 and Gia format.

Download GIF from Twitter for iPhone.

if you are iPhone users then there is a different application for you to download your account Twitter you just have to follow these given steps one by one.

  • First Download GIFwrapped app for iOS users which allows to download and save Gia from Twitter.
  • GIFwrapped is a free application for iPhone devices.
  • Install GIFwrapped aim for iOS user and open it.
  • now copy the URL of the GIF from Twitter you want to download.
  • Now paste the copied link into the browser of the app.

Now you can download that GIF in a video in GIF format. you can directly save the GIF into your mobile phone memory and you can download any number of GIF from Twitter using this app on iPhone.

Download and save a GIF from Twitter on the computer.

We know that Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites which used on every device. we have shared how user can download GIF from Twitter on Android and IOS devices but if you are using Twitter on the computer then you have to use a different method to download GIf from Twitter. here we are going to see your ad-free online GRF converter and downloader for Twitter for computer users.

  • first open the Twitter website on the browser of your computer and copy the URL of the Year if you want to download.
  • Now go to .
  • now paste the GIF URL you copied from Twitter on the given website.
  • now you can download the GIF into MP4 file format.
  • now open
  • Now upload the video you just downloaded from the given website.
  • after that you can convert this video into GIF pictures and can download on your PC.
  • why this way you can download and save GIF from Twitter on your PC.

How to download Instagram Videos

As per th online reports, Instagram Has more than 1 Billion users all around the world each month. And the video viewers are increasing at a speed of 80% per year. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to share photos and Videos in present time. if you want to save or Download Photo from Instagram than taking a screen Shot of the images is the best option. But Download Video from Instagram is a bit difficult task. Not Download A video from Instagram is not Impossible you just Need to follow these given steps for download Instagram videos.

Download Instagram videos Using Instantsave by Gramblast

InstantSave by Gramblast is one of the best tools for downloading Instagram Media in a browser. This is an easy and straight process to download Instagram videos. You just need to copy the public post URL of the Video post and click Download Gram, and you’ll have an MP4 file downloading shortly. As with the other services mentioned, you can’t download media from private links, Ths is the only limitation of This Tool.


This Article is completely dedicated to the people who want to know that How to save Gifs from twitter on Computer or Android Devices. because lots of people share Popular twitter gifs. We are here going to share all the possible ways and methods to Download and Save Twitter gifs from Computer and smartphone. And Also mentioning Apps which help you to save twitter gifs on iPhone because mostly the iPhone users also do not know how to save gifs on iPhone. These are the best twitter gif downloader which helps you to download gifs from twitter.

If your friends and other people want to download and save twitter gifs then you can share this article with your friends on your social media accounts. And if you are facing any problem in download gifs from twitter then you can tell us in the comment box. We will give you instant help.

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