How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account Using Fake Mobile Numbers

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There are many things to create a fake WhatsApp account using a fake mobile number and other tricks people using since a long. most of the things are simply loved by all the peoples. Hello Friends Today I am going to tell you how to create a fake WhatsApp account using affect number If you are a WhatsApp lover then you must read this article this is very helpful for you to create a WhatsApp new account without verifying your mobile numbers.

by using this trick you can easily send messages to your friends without showing your original number or using a fake number.there are lots of people who are looking for the best guides which can help them to create New WhatsApp account without verifying the mobile number. It’s like a creating fake WhatsApp account, but the trick we are going to share is completely free and legal.

I am fully sure that you will love the trick and also This article so here we going to introduce all the steps on how to make a fake WhatsApp account using a fake mobile number.

Why This Article is Helpful

I have seen some other greatest manual tricks of WhatsApp and they are also very fun but this one is mainly made for franks and fooling people, I already check the street and create a fake WhatsApp account using this trick
so I surely Say that this week will talk and you enjoy this trip and prank with your friends.

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How to Create a Fake WhatsApp Account

First trick

in this trick, we are using an application called Primo

By using this application we can make a fake WhatsApp account and enjoy it

This app is developed by and it is available on Google Play Store

Primo available on Google Play Store free it supports Android 4.1 and oval the up version of Android


in a primo making calls and receiving calls and messages is free just like WhatsApp

free National and international calling when you sign up with your number it will give you work 6 to 5 minutes of free calling credits

you can do voice over 200 plus countries in the world including UK US CANADA etc.

Steps to create fake WhatsApp account by using nextplus application.

  • first download the primo application and install the application in your Android smartphones.
  • open it and enter your mobile number then click on next.
  • now you can see and another screen where you can choose a secure password and click again next.
  • Some time your account will be created and you will be redirected to this page.
  • now you can click on options and go to the rewards section.
  • now press the add Email address option there you have an email id and verify it
  • after verifying the email address you can check your fake mobile number in the options
  • now you can open your WhatsApp account and create a new account by using new next plus number
  • You will receive an OTP on next plus from WhatsApp use the OTP to verified account
  • if you are not receiving OTP message on your primo application then click on call me the option and you will get the OTP code via call.
  • after verifying your account you will enjoy your new fake WhatsApp account with a fakemobile number

Method 2

this is the second Method to create a fake WhatsApp account using fake mobile number in this method we are going to use an application called talk  2.

This is the best simple and understandable application for anyone so you can easily understand the installation and use of this application you don’t have any problem regarding this application. Talk 2 application will work on the rooted and non-rooted devices This application developed by voyager innovations.Inc, the application is available on Google Play Store and it is rated 3.9 stars on Google Play Store

Where is and disadvantage of this application is that it cost you to buy the fake mobile number


  1. give you a Philippines mobile number.
  2. provides free SMS monthly.
  3. enjoy unlimited chatting between talk2 uses.
  4. easy to understand and easily usable features.
  5. it offers 20 free SMS as the sign-up bonus.
  6. How to create fake WhatsApp account using a fake mobile number by using the application talk2.
  7. first of all, download the application and install in your smartphone.
  8. open the application and verify your mobile number.
  9. now the application will give you a new number.
  10. Use this number to create a new WhatsApp account.
  11. after creating the WhatsApp account you are done now enjoy the fake WhatsApp account.


Here is the basic trick for WhatsApp lovers who want to create a Fake WhatsApp Account without verifying their mobile number. In this article, we have to share 2 tricks with 2 application which allows using frequent WhatsApp numbers provided by the application. This is the exclusive guide provided by us on this topic. we are sharing many other guides too like how to get Instagram direct messages on PC and many other so if you want to get all the tech-related tips and tricks than subscribe to our Email list and we will send you a notification after every guide. If You Think that this guide is helpful for your friends and other relatives than you can share this article with your friends on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and also if you face any problem while create new fake WhatsApp account using our tricks than you can tell us in the comment box, We will Give you Instant Solution.

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