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How to Bypass/Unlock Applock without Password: Forgot App Lock Password Keyword

unlock App lock:- We always use an AppLock App to protect our privacy and hiding applications, photos & videos with the help of Pattern lock or password. This is very helpful for us because after locking with AppLock application no one can access to apps, photos and videos etc.

without our permission. But sometimes we ourselves forget the Applock password & can’t open the apps. In this situation what can we get nervous about what to do? So In this post, I’ll tell you ways with that you can unlock apps from AppLock without the password.

How to Bypass/Unlock Applock without Password:Forgot App Lock Password  Keyword

Many Applock users are facing the problem of forgetting passwords. Some questions of Applock users are as follows-

1.How to unlock the applock after forgetting the password?

2.How to disable Applock, if forgot password?

3.Is Without a password can unlock the AppLock apps?

Ans–Yes,  if you have forgotten your password then you can Reset password, bypass password screen, uninstall AppLock without any password. And applications can unblock by using these tricks:

Trick 1:

Its very easy just restart the phone and before the background service of app lock restarts go in settings and forcestop or uninstall.

Trick 2:

Long press the Applock icon in the app drawer and uninstall it. Problem solved! Now since there is no Applock, no password is required, and you can access any app or folder on the phone. You can also uninstall the Applock by going to settings>>apps>>applock>>uninstall. After you finish the work, just reinstall the app.

Trick 3:

Go to Settings>>Apps>>All apps

Find the Applock app in the list

Tap on Freeze or Force Stop

That’s all. Now the Applock app will be stopped or froze. That means it will not work for now. Now you can open any app on the Android phone which was protected by Applock earlier. It will not ask for the password now. Once you finish the task, you can tap the Applock icon in the app drawer or home screen to open it. Now the Applock will move from freeze state to running state and normally work like earlier asking you for a password. This way your friend will not even know that you unlocked app lock without even knowing the password.

Also you can try –>Go to Smartphone Settings & tap on Developer Option.

In Developer option tap on process stats.

You will see all application which are running in the background. You will need to stop AppLock process, Find AppLock from the Process Stats list and after finding tap on it.

After tapping on AppLock you are in Use details, To stop process AppLock tap on Force stop button.

Trick 4:

You can easily reset your password with a Gmail account

Please go to CM -> Tools -> AppLock 

-> tap Forgot Password in the top right corner

then sign in with Google.

You can then follow the on-screen instructions.

Trick 5:

–>AppLock Password Screen Bypass trick-

Go to smartphone Settings & tap on Apps (or Application manager).

In Apps (Application manager) Tap on AppLock.

In AppLock App info, Tap on Force stop & confirm Force stop by pressing OK. (AppLock Service is now stopped and all applications are unlock too.) You can open any app which was locked with AppLock, but the AppLock service will start as soon as. So all applications will be locked again.

Trick 6:

 If it does not work, then please uninstall the AppLock.

Trick 7:

Smartphone Settings is locked with AppLock. Then how to uninstall AppLock?

How to Unlock Applock:- Many times it happens that we locked smart phone’s settings with App Lock, In this situation, we can’t uninstall the Applock without open the Settings. Then you can try to uninstall AppLock with other third-party uninstaller apps such as Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall, Uninstaller, Uninstaller Perfect etc. And many antivirus apps also come with apps uninstaller program such as 360 mobile security, Clean Master & Avast free mobile security.

Plugin for Stop Applock Unauthorised uninstallation

There is a popular plugin for android users which can help them to prevent direct uninstallation of Applock from settings. he name of this plugin is Advanced Protection. This plugin needs administrative need when anyone wants to uninstall Applock from settings.


These are the same basic ways which help people to unlock Applock without the password. if you want to unlock Aapplock application on your android device then you have to use any of the given methods most of them are amazingly working for all the android users. You have to follow each and every step carefully one by one for bypass Applock without permission.
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