Happn App Experiences & Review 2019: Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Happn app Tips
Written by romani riya

Are you new to Happn? Or don’t know how to use the app?

You may be me wondering about how you score more dates with the dating apps or excited to know you can make a good Happn profile.

Most of the questions might be striking your brain like, Are there any advantages to Happn compared to Tinder?

No worries, today i’m going to teach you, 10 best tips to score more dates by creating a good profile, further make you understand in details on how to use the app and have better conversations.

Before we start with a step-by-step plan of My experiences and the 10 Happn tips. I first would like to explain what Happn is. If you already know that you can skip this part.

What is Happn?

What is Happn

Happn is a French dating app.

Available for the Iphone (IOS), Android and Windows Phone.

The app is very similar to Tinder.

But the big difference is

That you only meet people who are within a radius of 250 meters away from you.

The idea of ​​the creators of the app has to do with this.

It is possible that you see a particularly beautiful woman or man across the street, but who does not dare to speak …With Happn you dare to approach that handsome man or woman However, the person must then use the app. First the app was used only a little in the United States. Fortunately, there is now good news regarding the popularity of the app. I’ll tell you more about this later, first lets discuss some more information about the app.

With Happn you can discover which single men and women are there in your area within a radius of 250 meters While you walk across the street. Be in a cafe. Working in the office or enjoying a party. You find out which people you like. And with which people you would like to date. The great thing about Happn is that people like you, but you do not … You can not send messages.I will teach you step by step how to use the app. Now I first give you some statistics to prove that more and more people are using Happn. So if you still have doubts whether there are enough and nice people on the app. Then I will remove this doubt from this. 

The popularity of the Happn app is rising exponentially

The Happn app is becoming more popular in the United States. After Tinder, it is the most popular dating app in the United States ( here is a list of the top 14 dating apps in a row ). Happn has announced that the United States will have over 3 million users by early 2018, half of them will be active on a monthly basis. In addition, there are 20,00,000+ search results in Google during the months of December 2017 and January 2018. This is a gigantic increase in the months before. This exponential growth of the app is worldwide. In early 2014, they launched the app in France.

Happen Trend Chart

The first 10 months they got 1 million new members. The 2 million mark was reached in the 3 months thereafter. At this moment the app gets 1 million new members every month. Check the graph on the right for growth. Pay attention. In the United States, there is still a difference between the big cities and the small ones. The app is already being used extensively in New York & Las Vegas.The next part is a step-by-step plan on how to use Happn. 

Step by Step Explanation: How does the Happn app works

1. Install the application

install Happn application

The great thing about Happn is that the application is available for all devices. If you have an iPhone (iOS) click here to download the app from iTunes. If you own an Android phone, click here to go to Google Play. Or do you have a Windows Phone click here. If in case, the Happn application is not working on your device.​Then simply reinstall it.For more info. look at the Happn FAQ’sAsk your question in the comment section, below this article.

Create a profile

Create Happn Profile

You create your Happn dating profile by connecting to Facebook . Nobody will come to know this and also Happn never post messages on your Facebook. This is so nice for your privacy. Unfortunately without Facebook it is not possible to use the app. 

2. Set up your profile

Set Happn Preferences

1. Choose a gender you are interested in. 2. Select the correct age category. The app uses the GPS of your mobile to scan which people are around. On your timeline you see different profiles of these people …Just like on the image on the right. In the profile you can read how often you have been together in the neighborhood. You will also see a map with a location where you have met roughly. You also see what photos, name, age and what work the other does. 

3. You do this if you have or are not interested

1. If you no longer want to see the other person, click on the red cross.  2. It also happens (“It HAPPN”) that you would like to get in touch with someone else …  Then choose one of the following 2 options Option 1: Find the other secretly nice with the red heart. This option is always free. The other person does not find out … Or it must be that the interest is mutual.Option 2: When you want him or her to receive a notification … So that the other person is aware of your interest. Then you press the ‘charm’ button that appears after you have liked it.The first 10 ‘charms’ are free. Then as a man you have to pay for credits to send ‘charms’. 10 credits are € 1.99. 60 credits are € 10.99. 100 credits are € 16.99. 250 credits are € 36.99.  

4. Do you like each other then you have a ‘Crush’

Crush Happn App

When you have a ‘crush’ you have the opportunity to start a conversation with your ‘crush’. Or to search for more fun ‘crushes’ by clicking the button later. So far the step-by-step plan. Then I tell a bit about my own experiences … … where I also give you some tips at the end for a successful Happn conversation 

My Happn Experiences in 2019 & 2020

It seemed cool to me to make a review of this app. So you also get a good impression of how I liked the app. First of all, I compare Happn with Tinder. 

1. Happn is super local

Best Local Dating App

With Tinder you have matches within a circumference between 2 kilometers and 160 kilometers. At Happn you see people appear in your timeline that you sometimes literally walk past. Or that you see against you on the street. The standard radius is 250 meters. So I was recently waiting at a bus stop in NewYork … Out of boredom I went to see if I saw a beautiful woman looking at her cell phone. On the other side of the street was a beautiful woman. I went for the fun to see if she was active on Happn. And you might already guess … She was indeed active and I had a ‘Crush’ with Sarah. Unfortunately she had not seen me and the bus arrived shortly thereafter. But just the fact that I had a ‘Crush’ with her immediately aroused my interest to be more active on the app. The following week I had a nice conversation with her. And as a cherry on the cake also a successful date. No wrong result with my first ‘Crush’ … 

2. The number of times you have walked past each other

In his or her profile you can see how often you have been together in the neighborhood. This is a statistic that is not displayed in Tinder. This means that at Tinder you regularly have a match with random people who unfortunately live too far away. When you have been together once or twice, it is possible that a nice ‘crush’ will result from that. Here is something cool with this. Let me explain you with a personal experience. I live in a big city … I scrolled through my Happn timeline and it struck me that I had been in the neighborhood of a woman 20 times. This meant something … That she was either my neighbor. That she worked near me. Or that her favorite cafe was nearby. I immediately sent her a ‘charm’. After I had a ‘crush’ with (Name) … I asked in astonishment: “How is it that we are so often together in the neighborhood?” Said, “HAHAHAHA I am you under neighbor. I see you go to the gym early every morning. “ My ‘crush’ just literally lived in the same apartment complex.

Happn Profile Page

I do not know if it’s happiness or not … There is only one way to find out … That’s by trying it yourself. I also like this kind of cool experience. If you have one … Then place a cool reaction under this article. I always like to read it. And you realize that I also have periods, where I get little or no ‘crushes’. But I think that is with every dating application. 

3. A greater chance that there is mutual interest

Charms Happn App

At Tinder it is not possible to see if someone is interested in you. You will only find out if he or she has liked you. At Happn is possible to send a ‘charm’, so you show your interest in the other with a notification. Without the other person having to see interest in you. If I find a profile of a woman really attractive, I do this by default. And I have noticed that I actually get more ‘crushes’ with interesting women here. Send more ‘charms’ = more ‘crushes’Almost all women look at your profile out of curiosity. Which significantly increases the chance of a ‘crush’. 

4. Different options with messages

Chatting Options

Check the 3 icons at the top right of the image.Check the 3 possibilities at the top right of the image.In Tinder you have besides text messages another option … Send a GIF. At Happn you have 3 other options besides your text messages. StickersSpotify numbersVoice messagesEspecially the latter, I think awesome. In my opinion, a voice gives so much extra value to a conversation. When you hear his or her voice, you immediately know more about her character. Someone who is calm, satisfied and happy speaks differently from someone who is stressed, depressed and pessimistic. In addition, you increase your chances of decorating him or her if you know how to use your voice in the right way. Talk with a slow, loud voice. Click here for a video with some examples. Those were the comparisons between Happn and TInder. Below you will find 10 tips on how to score better ‘crushes’, have better conversations and arrange more dates.

Top 10 Happn Tips & Tricks

1. Choose a good profile photo

Best Local Dating App

Your attractiveness is 99% based on your profile photo. So make a good profile picture if you do not already have one. It is important that you are on it alone and that you look well-groomed.Try to look at some loens to make your facial expression more powerful.Do you want to know more about the correct profile picture? Check this article with 8 simple tips . 

2. This is how you create an interesting profile text

The most important thing is that you stimulate his or her emotion with your profile text. At Happn, the choices are based on emotions , just like in the advertising world . Do not try to make an overly impressive impression or give too much information about yourself. A simple successful profile text that I now use: “I want to give you a simple broad smile every day, on a condition …”With this sentence you stimulate her emotion and you also activate her curiosity. She wants to know what the condition is. 

3. Use Happn abroad

When you travel, the Happn app is an ideal solution. You know immediately which men or women are active on the dating market. Bonus tip: Do you want to increase your chances abroad to meet a nice lady or man? Then just use Tinder and Happn at the same time.

4. Select the best crushes

It is possible that you randomly liked everyone on Happn. However, I do not recommend that to you.

I want to give you this advice:

First start with the men and women who have the best profile pictures.
Check how often you have been around in the neighborhood
Read his or her profile text
View the other photos
Check other information, such as the same interests, study / work etc.

5. Turn on notifications


When you have a ‘Crush’ … … then you are most successful when you send a message directly. In addition, you do not want to miss out on dates because you respond too late or not in the conversation. You can prevent this simply by enabling your notifications. 

6. Be creative with the institutions

Happn Tips Hack Experiences

Choose the gender you are interested in. Or if you are bisexual, select them both. Select the correct age category. What you prefer … I’ll leave that to you. Finally you have the possibility to link your Instagram and Spotify account to your Happn account. Bonus tip: If you really like a woman or man and an Instagram account is linked. Then add that person and send them a private message on InstagramThis screen is also the option to the Happn app removal . Click on ‘About’ or in English ‘About’ Then click on the button ‘deactivate account’ or in English ” deactivate account ‘and then click on confirm. The app is still on your mobile now, so if you want to use it again you only have to connect with Facebook. 

7. Use the ‘charm’ button a lot

Do you want a lot of ‘crushes’ then I advise you to use the ‘charm’ button a lot. Are you first 10 free ‘charms’ on … Do not limit yourself just by liking people. Buy a few credits and you will notice that you end up with more fun conversations and dates. ‘Charms’ cost between € 0.10 and € 0.20. That investment is worth a nice man or woman. 

8. Happn opening sentence

Happn Conversation

You have a ‘crush’. What now? How do you start the conversation? Simple … With a standard or own opening sentence. I advise you to use a standard opening sentence that is often tested and produces a lot of results instead of creating something yourself. Because creativity with opening sentences is often not rewarded. An easy opening sentence that I use on Happn is: “Hey, who are you?”“Hey (name), my first score on happn :)”Do you want inspiration for other opening senses? Check this article with 37 opening sentences 

9. This way you have a successful conversation at Happn

Having a nice conversation is sometimes not that easy. You want to tell something about yourself and learn about it. You want to create enough mutual interest to go on date. Try applying these tips in your conversation The number 1 Happn hack for a successful conversation … Be funny. Humor is often more powerful than anything else. Maybe you miss the board completely wrong in conversation techniques. If you make him or her laugh hard in the conversation then chances are that the other wants to date you. At the beginning you want to be 75% funny and 25% serious. Later in the conversation you want 25% to be funny and 75% serious. Ask open questions. And especially questions that start with “why?”. When you ask these questions, you come behind the emotional drives of a person. This means that this person will invest more in the conversation, which increases the chances that you will get a date. Example: “” Why are you a model? “Why did you choose the study psychology?”Want to know more about decorating via Happn. Then check the video at the bottom of this article. 

10. Arrange a Happn Date

A golden rule when you want a date with the other person is that you first want his or her number or Facebook. In this way there is just a little more mutual trust and the step is smaller to go on date. Happn date ideas: Nature walkFitness centerCooking togetherThose were the 10 Happn tips. Do you want to know more about how to start a conversation? Then check out these 7 tips Or are you wondering what a good profile picture should meet? Then check out these 8 tips

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