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Everyone finds different ways of entertainment using their android and iPhone. if you are passionate about singing then using Karaoke app on your devices can be a good option for your entertainment. people who love singing and want to try their Voice with instruments tune of songs then they can find best Free karaoke apps on the internet and we can use any app for entertainment.

there are lots of karaoke applications available for Android devices, and you shall easily download and install these applications on their Android and IOS smartphones. a user does not need any technical skills for install and use these apps because the functions of these applications are very simple and user-friendly. These applications are also very useful for the people would love to singing but do not have Budget to buy an instrument for singing. in this situation, these Karaoke apps helps them to create the tune of any song and they can try their voice on original music background trains from the original song.

by using these apps you can use the tune of any song with your voice and you can record and share your voice with your friends family member and other social media followers by the single click. in this article, we are going to see her as the used list of best Free karaoke apps for Android users.

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Best Free Karaoke App for Android and iOS 2018

Red Karaoke

if you are looking for one of the best free karaoke apps for Android devices then red karaoke is the best option for you. this application has the huge collection of karaoke song and you can easily select any song by the single click and sing along with it. this application allows you to sync song with instruments and you can also share your audio and videos on social media account for increase your hands and followers.

Along with instrument tune, there are many other sound effects available which help you to improve your voice and also you can sing duet songs. the best part of this application is you can easily balance instrument tune with your voice and also you can customize your audio and videowith video effects and themes. this application is also available for IOS and iPhone users too.

Download red karaoke for iOS

Download red karaoke for Android

Karaoke Sing and Record

this is another popular Android application for the singing lovers who want to use karaoke apps for singing. the best part about this application is user can think their favorite songs from various artists and they can sing a song in any language. also , they can record vocals and if they want to improve take any record as many times as they want.

If you love to sing pop songs and looking for the best and most popular karaoke Apps which has lots of Amazing features then you have to try karaoke sing and record app. when you record a song on this app you can directly share with your friends and followers on social media account like Facebook Twitter or WhatsApp.

Download karaoke sing and record

Karaoke Anywhere

karaoke anywhere is one of the most popular karaoke application for Android devices can record a song for the soundtrack and they can share their Voice with friends family members and followers on social media with a single click.  this application has a huge list of karaoke songswhere you can found your best song from 40000 songs.

this application already very popular between the users and millions of users already made their choices by using karaoke anywhere application.

Download Karaoke Anywhere For Android

Download Karaoke Anywhere For iOS

StarMaker Karaoke App

StarMaker is also one of the popular Karaoke application which is available for Android and IOS both platforms. on this platform using can pick the song from this very good collection and record this song with front facing camera of the phone. you can record a song in video mode and also you can use lots of variety and special effects which your voice after recording.

the best part about this application is if user want to record any special part of the song then they can use a feature which is called the hook. there are thousands of people already recording their voice and hearing on this platform you can also join the star maker community and can share your voice with other peoples. and also you can say your song with your friends on your social media account.

Download StarMaker App for Android

Download StarMaker App for Ios

Sing play

singplay is another best option for the people who are looking for best Free karaoke apps for Android and IOS devices. this application is working period live with both of the operating system which will increase your singing experience. by using this application user can easily think any of their favourite song and they can record it on their Android and IOS devices.

click on this application is really good and the user can find free karaoke tracks of their favourite song and they do not need to download this track and they can sing and record it online on the application. after recording they can share there the song with friends and family members on social media account.

Download SingPlay for Android

Download SingPlay for iOS

The voice

it’s as singing the game app for Android and IOS users. this application has a huge collection of songs according to the different artist. the user can search a song in their favourite artist voice and they can record their own voice with free Karaoke app.

This is one of the most updated apps for karaoke music lovers. and the menu song you sing on this application demo song you unlock because they add new songs every single day. there are lots of audio and video effects available that allows users to record their voice and video and also share it with friends and family on social media.

Download The Voice for Android

Download The Voice for iOS

Sing Karaoke by Smule

For the people who love to sing English songs mostly from different artists like Kylie Minogue Carly Rae Jepsen. Jessie J and many others. you can create karaoke songs on this application and share your song with millions of people and become famous in no time.

This application notes of Amazing features like self-recording for videos, various audio effects. Sare karaoke with anyone you want and also you can have to wait with the various pop artist this application can be used on android and IOS both devices.

Download Karaoke By Smule For Android

Download Karaoke By Smule For iOS

Karaoke now

another amazing application for the people who want to use karaoke songs on there Android and IOS devices. the best part about this application that if you have not find any song on this application which you want to sing then you can import or download songs to your phone and the program excel will produce them in crockett format.

then design and user interface of this application is amazing andthe user-friendly user can easily download this application and sing along with karaoke now and after recording they can share their songs with family and social media trends.

Download Karaoke Now for Android

Download Karaoke Now for iOS


in this article by humans and use list of applications which help you to sing a song with the instrumental of the original song. by using this application you can find any karaoke version of any song on android and IOS device using these free karaoke apps. If you are a singing lover and want to improve your voice but you do not have the budget for musical instruments then you can use these applications and they will help you to think your favorite song with original musical tunes.

if you think any of your singing lover friends need these applications then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account like Twitter and Facebook and if you’re facing any problem in downloading installing and using any of these applications then you can tell us in comment box we will give you instant solution.

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