how to euthanize a cat at home without a vet

You have an old cat, that is in its last few days & suffering from a lot of pain. So you have decided to put to sleep.

But unfortunately, you don’t have enough money to take him to a vet. So you’re completely blank on what to do now. Isn’t it?

Well, in this guide I will explain to you some of the best cat euthanasia methods in detail so that you can euthanize your cat at home by yourself without the need of calling a veterinarian.

Before going into the actual procedure,

Let me give you a quick note, the only humane way to put your cat to sleep peacefully is by getting it euthanized at a Vet’s office.

Because you’re not an expert either with the euthanization process or medicine. However, it may cost you around $150-$200 and even more or less depending on the location.

Also, most people advice to contact the Humane Society or animal control as a cheap option, but you should never opt for it.

Because they cause a lot of torture to your cat by starving it to death. Though it consumes a very little amount of meal, they consider it as an additional burden.

If you don’t want to have the trauma of leaving your cat at a strangers place where she may or may not get a peaceful death. It’s better to put her to sleep using Human sleeping pills.

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Cats are highly sensitive to Aspirin. Unlike dogs, cats cannot synthesize aspirin effectively leading to an inflammation in its liver. So you can give an overdose of aspirin.

The normal dosage of baby aspirin is 1/4 for every 72 hours. You may give 2-3 times the normal dosage that will put your dog to sleep peacefully.


Insulin is normally used to treat patients with diabetes, that can help in controlling the blood sugar levels. But the other side is, it also has an anesthetic effect.

In other words, it will make you feel drowsy. So what you can do is, injected a large dose of fast acting insulin. It will first take your cat into sleep, then slowly drags into the coma and gives a painless death.



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