E-commerce Manager Responsibilities

E-commerce Manager Responsibilities
Written by James Robinson

We are going to discuss here the 11 most important e-commerce manager responsibilities in 2020. I hope you will have a good idea of what an e-commerce manager does after reading this article.

An e-commerce manager acts as a guardian for an online shop or online business. He is the one who makes decisions for almost every part of an e-commerce site managing system. He analyzes data and figures out the best moves that serve the company’s best interests. He is responsible for making progress for the company he is working for. He is the brain of it.

There will be a lot of tasks and jobs in an online company, for sure. There will be one or more groups of staff to handle them as well. Each staff member will have some responsibility for the company. So then, What about an e-commerce manager? He must have some specific responsibilities. What are they anyway?

Website design

A website is the display case and showroom for an online company. Customers will visit it and make their purchase through this. So, the website design and system must be relative to the company or business. It should be clean, comfortable, user friendly, and secured. The e-commerce manager will make sure that the website is perfect and suitable for customers. He will choose the website template that makes the site helpful to customers.

Manage contents and images

Obviously there will be a number of content elements on the website, such as articles, images, videos, etc. It is also the e-commerce manager’s duty to select and place the right content in the right place. He might need to customize or edit images and articles in most cases to make them more professional and looks beautiful they need to retouching image, Image color change, color correction, and image background remove. That will help to improve customers’ comfort as well as interest.

Analyze various sources and improve

An e-commerce manager has to keep the enhancing process of his company alive and perfect. He should analyze internal data sources and use analytical tools to determine what changes to make. He should always find out the weak points and the strong points to improve customer reliability and experience. Then he has to decide which areas to develop and start work for it.

Manage and hire a team

To run a company correctly, team workers should be perfect at work. So, it is the e-commerce manager’s duty to manage the team smoothly. He should decide which group to do which part of a job. He will divide the work wisely to workers so that it can be done correctly. He is also responsible for hiring any team member if needed.

Design and execute a roadmap

A company should always run on a premade plan. Its path should be marked and planned before it starts its journey. The e-commerce manager will design a roadmap that will describe the route and destination of the company. How the company will reach toward success and which strategy will be the best for the company should be remarked in this. The e-commerce manager will also execute the plan and keep the company running on the path following the roadmap.

Develop & manage plans and campaigns

To keep the company alive and progressing, some marketing plans and campaigns need to be carried out. The e-commerce manager’s job is to make plans and campaigns to drive more traffic and customers to the company. These plans may include SEO, PPC, Offer campaigns, etc. To bring success to these plans, he needs to supervise all the things. He has to keep an eye to make sure everything is running fine.

Financial planning and budgeting

An e-commerce company will have to invest in various situations for some plans and strategies. E-commerce managers are responsible for making financial plans and budgets for the company’s management and campaigns. He has to determine the amount of budget for each sector. He has to manage commercial projects intelligently so that it maximizes the company resources. To make constant progress, wise budgeting ability is essential.

Track activities and prepare reports

Tracking activities is another essential task of an e-commerce manager. If there’s any flaw or weakness in the system, that can be found out from the activity log. Especially after performing any test. Tracking activities will help to make reports too, which is a must-be-done job for an e-commerce manager. He is supposed to show the progress report to his authorities regularly.

Maintain customer service

Customers should get topmost priority in an online business. The company’s job is to satisfy them and serve them friendly. There will be some situations where a customer might face any trouble. E-commerce managers have to build a system with excellent customer service. Customer service should follow a user-friendly process and be as pleasant as possible. This can also be used as a feedback protocol. Hearing from customers is always good for business. E-commerce managers have to run this sector with equal effort.

Security steps

An e-commerce manager needs to be always alerted for any error or issues of the system. Especially there might be a cyberattack on the website databases. If attackers become successful in stealing customer’s sensitive data, it will be a great disaster. It will lose the trust and loyalty of customers. Apart from this, system errors sometimes can cause the same. So, e-commerce managers have to maintain strong security and handle mistakes quickly. Protecting the system is protecting the company.

Keep things updated

Every year, a new security system or marketing strategy shows up. An e-commerce manager also should keep his marketing strategy and security updated to the current. Otherwise, the company may fall back in the market while its competitors have the updated tools.


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