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Citrix has been replaced by Citrix workspace app. The installation of the app is very easy and it provides access to all the things the user wants to use for doing his work. There is no charge for this app as it is available free. The app can be used to securely access different apps, desktops, and data from any device. You can use Citrix Workspace app to access tcs webmail which is designed to operate Webmail through the smartphones.

Features of Citrix Receiver App

The app works with the help of the HDX protocol, which has been made on the top of the ICA protocol. The task of the ICA server is to send the keyboard and mouse inputs to the remote servers. The traffic between the devices is handled by the receiver. Users working on Windows application get good experience.

The Citrix receiver is compatible with many operating systems. The app has the facility of automatic detection of the operating system, on which it is installed. A popup will be opened and prompt the user to select the correct one for the operating system he is using.

Challenges in using the app

When the app was plus released, it has many components like Secure Access Gateway Client, Password Manager Client, and ICA Client. Configuring these components was a very big and tedious task so the company converted these components into plugins. These components were combined and released as Citrix Receiver. The current version of the app is a combination of different plugins, which also include web online plugin and self-service plugin.

How to install the Citrix receiver app on iOS?

Take the following steps to install the Citrix Receiver app on iOS.
Open the app store and search for the app.
Select the receiver from the page and install the app. The installation of the app needs Apple ID and password of the user.
Tap the icon of the app to open it.
User will see Add Account button on the screen and he should click it to add the account.
The screen will show an address field and the user should fill
Tap next to navigate to the next screen.
In the next screen, the user has to fill the username and domain name. The password field should be left empty and the security token checkbox should be unchecked.
In the next screen, the user will see his username and now he can fill the password field. After entering the password, click the Ok button.
The user will now be logged in and he can see various Citrix folders.
How to install the Citrix receiver app on Android?
Here are the steps to install the app on Android devices.
Open the Google Play Store and search for Citrix workspace.
When it is searched, click install and the app will be installed on the device.
Users can use it now and users can do many things through this app.
Wrapping Up
It can be said that the app is available for the users to access any application they need to work on. The app is freely available so users can install and use it.

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