How to Euthanize Cat Peacefully: Best Solution with Dos & Don’ts

Putting your cat to sleep is perhaps the most a tough situation you ever come across. But you have to do it because you cannot leave your cat to die with a failure of organs one by one.

Cats have become human-friendly like dogs since ages. So much so that most people cannot digest the fact that they are going to die soon.

So cat euthanasia is something that is very important & painful to every cat owner. If you are a cat loving person like me then you are in the right place because here I have provided the most useful information to help your cat pass peacefully.

So lets first understand,

What is Euthanasia?

The word “Euthanasia” was derived from the roots of 2 Greek words “Eu” means good, and “Thanos” means Death. In short, it means an “Easy Death”. 

During the initial days, most people opposed Euthanasia. But slowly people started believing that is the most humane way of ending a pet’s life peacefully.

The whole euthanization process is done by giving an overdose of a powerful anesthetic that results in a painless death.

However, the process may vary from place to place and also depends on the Vet. Whether he may use Tylenol, Benadryl, Sleeping Pills or any other kind of medication.

While some people may do euthanize their cat on their own. I have covered this entire process later in my post. But for now, read the things you keep in mind before the euthanization process.

Different people call the euthanization process with different names. if you don’t know then probably you may find difficult to find the right vet.

Don’t worry just memorize these words: Putting to Sleep, Put to Sleep, Put Down, Euthanize, Mercy Killing, Humane End of Suffering, Painless Death etc..

Things to Keep in Mind before Euthanizing you Cat

1. Examine Cat Properly:Unlike Dogs, cats need a very thorough and proper examination as cats don’t communicate much with humans as Dogs do.

2. Food intake is not the right symptom:Cats usually live long. For your surprise, without eating anything cats can live up to a month or more. While dogs can’t live more than a week or so.

However dehydration for 2-3 days may kill cats, So care should be taken not to get your cats dehydrated whatever the circumstances may be.

3. Less Appetite is Serious but Treatable:Cats are intolerant to sour stomach, so whenever cats eat less their stomach gets sour which results in further reduction in their food intake. This is a very serious problem as it can lead to serious health problems like Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

So don’t mistake it as the right time to euthanize your cat because a good veterinarian may help to cure most cat diseases easily and also it is important to note that cats can recover from diseases very quickly.

4. Cats Hide to Die is Myth & Don’t Believe it:Whenever a weak cat goes out to wander, it may become tough for it to return to home due to its weakness and in addition to that dehydration may worse the situation as cats can die due to dehydration.

So we have understood the key points to consider before opting for euthanization. Now let’s get to know the cost & process.

How much does it cost to put a Cat to Sleep?

When it comes to Euthanizing a cat, the average cost to put a cat down to sleep is around $100-$200 or more depending on the location.

Do you have no money to Pay a Vet?

Don’t worry you can check out these proven methods to humanely to put your cat down at home without a Vet. It is very cheap & almost safe (in some cases it may backfire).

How to euthanize a Cat by a Vet?

It is highly advisable to get your cat euthanized with an experienced vet. Because he may check your cat thoroughly and decide whether it is right to put down or it can be treated with medications.

  1. Find an experienced Vet near you & take your cat to him & get examined properly
  2. If euthanization has to be done, then prepare yourself & your family to face the loss.
  3. He will sedate your cat first to ease the process.
  4. Then the corresponding medication is injected which starts acting immediately by slowly causing your cat to sleep.
  5. In just 5-10 mins, your cat will slowly pass peacefully.

Note: Make sure to take your cat to an experienced vet, so he can do the process without causing even mild pain.



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