Best Hookup And Dating Apps 2019 For Hookup and One Night Stand

Best hookup Apps
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Every day a new online hookup app comes on the market, as the people searching for online dating have increased tremendously, the new apps are shaking the market with their impressive features.

From Grinder to Tinder, almost all apps had millions of installations around the world.

If you are looking for a one night stand or want to build a long lasting relationship then its one-stop solution to satisfy all your needs by installing these online dating apps on your smartphone.

Dating online can be a time-consuming, stressful business if you use the wrong hookup apps.

If you have no idea how it works or if you’re just out of a long relationship, it can be pretty overwhelming to find the best hookup apps of 2018.

No worries, In this article we will give you a hand and provide you the Best Hookup Apps in the United States which can install without a second thought.

What you discover and learn from this Post:

  • Which are the Most popular hookup apps in the United States
  • Why free account sometimes better than a paid membership.
  • Which hookup sites sound too good to be true (and yet almost every man kicks in)

Best Hookup (Dating) Apps in 2019


Are you looking for romantic or sexual dates, a lasting relationship or just someone to chat with? Then you must try Tinder !

As you might know, Tinder is the largest hookup app in the United States with more than 50 million users.

And this is also the biggest advantage of Tinder. There are a lot of American women to hookup with.

Tinder is mainly popular in the United States, Western Europe and Northern Europe.

In South America and Central Europe, Badoo is popular.

The working process of Tinder is quite simple:

  1. Log in with your Facebook account and setup your Tinder profile.
  2. Tinder has an addictive effect due to its simplicity. You swipe (‘swipe’) the profile photo of a woman to the left if you do not like her.
  3. If you are interested, then you swipe to the right which means, you liked him/her.
  4. If she also swept you to the right, then you have a match and you can chat with each other. It’s that simple!
  5. Do you want useful tips on how to get many female matches on Tinder? Then read this article with our Tinder tips.


Happn is the younger nephew of Tinder and works just a little bit differently. This hookup app shows women whom you have come across within a radius of 250 meters.

Of course you only see the women who have installed Happn on their phone.

Furthermore, Happn is unique is some aspects compared with Tinder.

You create a profile by logging in via Facebook. (Do not worry that Happn might publish something on your Facebook wall, they only use your Facebook information to setup a dating profile of better matches).

Once the setup is done, the GPS on your smartphone works and searches for people in your vicinity. It will surprise you by showing how many nice looking women you actually come across.

As soon as you enter the center of your city you will start to see many female profiles appear on Happn.

It is a bit scary, because at home you sometimes see a specific profile in your street several times. If that happens every day in a week, then you know she has to live near you.

As soon as you like someone, you can press the heart. If the love is mutual, you can have a chat conversation, just like Tinder.

Do you want to increase the pace of ‘matches’ on Happn? Is yes, then you must send a ‘charm’ (enchantment).

A charm on Happn works the same as a super like on Tinder. The person you send a charm immediately sees that you like her.

Unfortunately we men are a bit discriminated on Happn, because women can send a charm to cute men without any limit. Men, on the other hand, are send to send only 10 free charms.

If you want more, we will have to pay. If you do not get ‘crush’ (a match) then you can assume that she is not interested in you.

If you don’t want to lose someone in your own neighborhood? Just keep sending a charm;)


oHello was a newly launched app, Makers of this application wanted to create a low-threshold hookup app.

Unlike Tinder you can meet each other spontaneously, when you are interested.

The procedure is as follows:

you see people who are up to 3 kilometers away from you.

If you see a lady, you can send her a contact request. If this is accepted then you are meant to meet each other in real life within an hour.

The nice thing about oHello is that this hookup app finds a suitable location for you and your match. It is expected that both of you will come to this proposed location. You do not have to search for an original location yourself.

What is somewhat different is that you can leave a review with someone’s profile after you have met.

You understand that if the meeting has not been successful, you will most likely not get a positive assessment from the other person.

This is especially a nice app for the people living in big cities in the United States where you get to meet each other in a casual way. In the smaller cities, where less people live, it will take long time for you to meet someone who is open to a meeting.

Who knows, this hookup app may become great success in the coming years. For the time being, the number of users in relation to the other apps is quite low.


Bumble is also called the female-friendly hookup app. A former Tinder employee decided to start her own hookup app. On the internet it is also called sarcastically as ‘the feminist Tinder’.

The big difference of Bumble compared to Tinder is, As soon as you both like each other, only the woman can start the conversation. A man therefore depends on his female match.

If she send you nothing within 24 hours, then your match is over and you can no longer communicate with each other.

The only option the male user has is to extend the postponement of execution by 24 hours at that moment. Does not react again in those 24 hours. Then it is a past matter.

The advantage for men is that we do not have to be original anymore. No creative opening lines, as the woman has to start the conversation.

On the other hand, we live in a age where everyone is very busy and from my personal experience with Tinder. I know that women are often not the first to respond. So if a woman has forgotten to respond, then you as a man are the victim. So women will have to open with Bumble.


OKCupid is one of the most popular hookup sites in Europe that also has its own app. OKCupid is also one of the few hookup apps that does not require you to sign up via Facebook.

You simply create a profile that you can link to your Instagram account. Then you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which helps you match women with the same areas of interest.

You can also choose to make your answers public so that women can see how important they are to you. Through the menu you will see a number of potential matches.

Do you want to see who has liked you?

Then you will have to upgrade your OKCupid account to the ‘A-list’ status.

The advantage of OKCupid is that you read a lot more information about the female users. This way you get a much better impression of someone. Does she smoke? Does she love animals? All questions you can see in her profile.

I also have the idea that there are more highly educated women who are looking for a serious relationship.

The disadvantage of OKCupid is that – especially for women this can be annoying – everyone can just send each other a message. This is, of course, ideal for us men.

On the other hand, women will be less inclined to pursue all those messages, because the majority is seen as ‘undesirable’. This makes you less likely to be in her picture.



When I hear people talking about Badoo, I always have to chuckle 

Badoo is one of the oldest hookup sites in the United States and relatively still very popular among a part of the population.

But there is something you should know about Badoo: roughly 80% of men and women on Badoo are only there for sex. If you are looking for a hipster you do not have to be on Badoo.

The level on Badoo is quite low. There is nothing wrong with that, for everyone of course. On Badoo is the type of woman that is open to sexual contact and does not like to have the most intellectual conversations with you;)

The method of Badoo is quite simple. You have the option to log in via your computer but you can also download the app for your smartphone.

You create a profile on Badoo (or log in with Facebook) and see three options on the screen:

  • Members in the neighbourhood
  • Intriguing game
  • Messages

Through ‘members in the neighborhood’ you can look for a nice woman in your neighborhood. If you like someone you can easily send her a message.

Through the introductory game you will randomly receive an x ​​number of women. Once you are interested in someone, click on the heart. If love is mutual, there will be a report and you can chat with each other.

If you want to get extra options for your profile and want to stand out more, then there is the possibility to pay for ‘Superpower’. These super powers give you the possibility to put your profile at the top of the list.

This will make your profile stand out better with others. Many people who have paid for the extra options complain that they are difficult to get from this subscription. The subscription will be renewed every month automatically until you stop it. So pay attention!


Paiq is one of the dating apps that I still use regularly. It works fairly & easily and comes across as reliable.

You have the option of speed dating with female users who are online at that moment.

Another nice thing on Paiq is to play the photo tournament.

You will be presented with a number of female users and you will always have to make a choice that you let go. The ladies who are left last have the opportunity to send a message.

You can also see to what extent they fit you through the personality test.

What makes the photo tournament so nice is that your own profile is also thrown in the photo tournament. You will be automatically informed of women who have rated you highly:

Women also have the opportunity to send you a message in that case.

Another big difference with most popular hookup apps is that the photos of the people with whom you are chatting have bluffed at the beginning.

So you will have to exchange a few messages before you can view the entire photo album. This keeps it somewhat exciting.


Chatting on Paiq is just like a surprise egg: you only know exactly what you get at the end. 

Hot or Not

Originally, Hot or Not was a casual hookup site. With the rise of the app era, they naturally could not stay behind and they created a hookup app.

As the name itself says, it is mainly about appearance, or at least fun, attractive pictures that attract the attention of women.

With Hot or Not you can search and match people in your neighborhood.

It works in that respect in the same way as Tinder: you press a heart when you like someone and a cross when you want to reject this person.

You have the option to sign up via Facebook or to create a new account. Hot or Not is together with Tinder one of the most popular hookup apps of the moment.

There are an unprecedented number of active members. Women are overwhelmed by the number of male messages. For this reason alone, it is advisable to take out a payment subscription. This ensures that you get in the spotlights and get a head start that free users do not have.

Think of the possibility to match with the most popular women, first seen by female users and more often shown in the ‘members in the neighborhood game’.

If you have a free account, women often do not even talk to you because they know that communicating becomes a tricky business.

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