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Instagram is indisputably one of the most reputable and vastly used social networks. It is popular and has a huge user base. As a user, you can post almost anything, including stories, photos, and videos. It provides users with a platform to showcase or share what they have with the rest of the world.

When girls post their photos on Instagram, complementing them is a great way to play a part and to give them the audience that they deserve. However, you need to know how to complement Instagram ladies. Though the complement is necessary to those who look fabulous, the right choice of words can earn you a taste of glory too.

This article presents you with a collection of some of the most popular comments for girl pic on Instagram. There is an endless variety of comments that can work well for good snaps, with each being more suitable for certain types of pictures than others.

We have tried our best to gather some of the most enticing comments you can ever think of. These comments perfectly combine creativity and sincerity in them, and that is what makes them effective.

You drop one of them, perfectly chosen to suit the picture in question, you will attract as much attention as the picture itself.

Best Comment for Girl Pic on Instagram

To give good comments for Instagram pictures, you need to be careful with the choice of words. But generally, being nice to them in your comments may do you as much good as to them. This guide categorizes the comments according to where they are most useful or based on the type of pictures that they can be used. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that girls love people who give them good complements. So if you want best comment on girl pic to impress her for whatever reason, choose the most appropriate compliment from this article and paste it on the comment section of her photo on Instagram.

Your selection of best comment on girl photos can depend on the type of relationship that you have with the girl or how close you two are. How do you know this girl? Be careful not to cross the line if there is any. But all in all, be confident and try to be creative. Just so, not take the creativity too far. Being over creative may ruin it for you.

You would be much more accurate with the comment if you know the girl personally. Understanding her could guide you into choosing a comment that would impress her or that would serve the purpose for which it is intended. If you are not too confident with your own creations, there are those common comments. You can get one that serves the purpose just fine.

Comments for Instagram Girls:

  • Wow! You look beautiful
  • Million-dollar smile
  • Oh my gosh! Too beautiful to be true
  • Is this for real? So much beauty in one picture
  • Love that dress and you in it
  • Sunshine in a photo
  • Absolutely booty-full
  • I drench with sweat just to look at you. But it is because you are hot
  • Nice shot
  • You nailed that pose, beautiful
  • Whoever said no one is perfect did not live long enough to see you. Loser!
  • So pretty
  • You are stunning!
  • Do you ever get tired of being beautiful?


Best Comments on Girl Photo:

  • Even the sun stopped to stare
  • I thank my eyes for allowing me to see this. Such a beauty
  • So hot that the winters will not stand a chance
  • That dress is so lucky to have you in it
  • Killer smile. That smile could have killed the person who took the photo
  • What a beauty! Even the photo is happy with you in it
  • That beauty cannot be measured in megapixels
  • Now, that is a shot that can win the Oscars

If it is your girl in a photo on Instagram, the comment must reflect the kind of relationship you are having. For instance, supportive comments can help build your bond a great deal. Showing your girl that you are her number one fan can earn you more of her trust. She will feel more confident when you approve of her looks, especially on a platform like Instagram. Your relationship with her is significant when it comes to choosing the right comment for her.

Do not think that since she is your significant other, you need not be careful with your comments. You need to be more cautious with your choice of words when commenting on your girlfriend’s picture on Instagram. She is much more likely to feel embarrassed by your comments than somebody else’s if the comment is an embarrassing one. So, if she is your lady, some of the comments mentioned below can help.

Best Comments on Girl Pic to Impress Her:

  • That’s my girl
  • This has just reminded me how lucky I am
  • Your beauty never fails
  • You are stunning darling
  • Bold and beautiful as always
  • My favorite dress
  • Proper patola
  • Such an irresistible beauty
  • This is by far the best I have seen in a long time
  • Natural beauty is true beauty


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I comment on a girl pic on Instagram?

A: Girls can be very sensitive sometimes. You do not want to hurt their feelings, even if you think you can.

Q: What are the best comments for a girl’s picture?

A: You are beautiful

Q: How do you comment on a beautiful picture?

A: Remember to sound supportive and sincere in your tone when complementing girl pic on Instagram.

Final Verdict

You never know what would bring a smile on her face. Besides, it does not cost anything to be nice. And since it is always better to give than to receive, find something nice to help brighten your girl’s day by complimenting them on Instagram. They will appreciate you for it in the best ways they know-how.

Any of these cute Instagram comments for a girl can earn you a special place in a girl’s heart. Just like with fashion, choosing the best complement for girl pic on Instagram can be the reason everyone wants to know more about who you are. Let everyone sense sincerity and niceness in your comments.

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