15 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps For Android & iOS

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Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. in the coming time, most of the businesses are using artificial intelligence in their business. in the starting time its look very tough to use artificial intelligence in business. but in this competitive world if you want to be one step ahead from others then you have to acquire the technology as soon as possible because technology is the most powerful part of businesses in present time. artificial intelligence many many of the names and services people using on the daily basis. and induction sir most of the services are going to work on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is increasing in popularity which is introducing human level accuracy and intelligence of application for Android and IOS devices. this application can be proactive and carry out lots of task with errors but they can work very effectively with good woman guide and inputs.

in recent time lots of controversies happened related to Artificial Intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence apps on android and IOS devices. many of the people argue that the use of artificial intelligence will pose a threat to humanity in the long run. people are afraid that one day machines will be smart enough to take control of the women and it can be possible that it can the destruction of all humanity.

Still, lots of people and businesses are acquiring artificial intelligence in their daily basis work. in the starting page, most of the people are using artificial intelligence apps on their Android and IOS devices. Siri for IOS is one of the best options of AI and there are lots of talking apps like Siri available for iOS devices. and also AI for Android is going popular and people are using AI apps for Android devices in a huge number.

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps for Android and iOS Devices


Replika is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence apps for iOS users. This application for make easy and different aspect of the user’s life. this application can make conversation with the user and it looks like a real woman. the conversation of Replika with the user it looks completely natural and no one can say that it’s a conversation with both. this app is the ability to learn the difference between the user.

just like our friend understand us and learn from us this App can also get accustomed to another friend. replica required a daily routine of the user and it creates the more friendly environment with the user. Replika is IM which can do more stuff in our real life than our friends.  this artificial intelligence app can work 24*7 for users.we can say that Replika is one of the best artificial intelligence apps for Android and IOS users.

Replika for Android

Replika Download


Clara is one of the most popular artificial intelligence apps which is used for business purpose. this AI App can automate all the meeting schedule confirmation and follow up with the business. This application can do lots of other work like it can Reserve a conference room. and also can integrate with the unlimited calendar with allowing it to check availability and suggest for the important meeting at the time of meetings.

You think Institute interest with the participant and if you were business requires a large number of the meeting then this can save you lots of time and can Add up quickly. so we can say that this is one of the best artificial intelligence apps for the people who want to use AI for mechanical.

Clara Download


AnswerRocket is also another popular AI App for the Android devices. this application works on “search-based data history”. most of the people think that it is not good working on that ice trip but if you want to use an artificial intelligence app then you should have put into this product once.

the user can ask questions in Plain English in this application and it will provide the answer with detailed report cards and other related information. This artificial intelligence make stunning natural language directly into surprisingly detailed business intelligence possible.

so if you are going to use any artificial intelligence app for business and then this application will best for you because it need to ask a data analyst to generate this information on your behalf which can save lots of time of yours.

AnswerRocket Download


Cortana is an artificial intelligence application from Microsoft. this is one of the best apps like Siri for Windows users. this application integrated into Windows 10 for near seamless cross-platform support. people can do not so many other things like call people send the message and email Trek packages 10 jokes take notes add stuff to the calendar and much more work using Cortana app.

This is one of the very reliable assistants that can help manage task. other than these words Cortana can do scheduling meeting keep track of events and sending updates and reminders for you. The user can use Cortana on Smartphone and desktop for this relevant information. this application also has ability to learn user preference. this application also can recommend songs and movies according to mood and time of the day.

Cortana Download


Another popular and most reliable artificial intelligence app for the people who would love to use. Hound app is lot of features and it worked on your voice same like Google voice search. the user can get the appropriate result instantly by speaking naturally. just like Siri user can activate this application without clicking or taping on mobile screen just by saying “ok hound”.

This application can do lots of work for the user’s behavior it can play Over favorite music video playback and also can set multiple alarms simultaneously and set the timer according to your requirement send meeting. also used again know the current weather and weather forecast for the coming days.

this application can assist you like a real person which can find the nearest food restaurant or movie show for you. it an Uber ride and May calculate and cancer on the internet for any keyword to get information.

this application to this type of load over that we can say that this is one of the most advanced AI apps for the Android and IOS users.

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This application is the part of iPhone artificial app development program. by using this application user can target at the visually impaired. this is one of the most intelligent apps and it can identify the different object in just a second.

This app required things by itself you do not need to take photos of the air you just need to. This app adds something and its instantly recognized object and describe it.  this application can also describe the color for the specific aspect of the object which you for Pointing.

this application Run continuously and become better day by day. the best part about this application that it works offline and if you do not have internet also it will do all of your work efficiently. in present time this application can recognize hundreds of object in a single time. app developer is currently working in the improvement of this application in the future this application will be capable of describing the Complex scene.

after knowing features of this application we can say that this is also one of the best artificial intelligence apps for Android users.

Download Airploy

AIVC (Alice)

This is one of the standard virtual assistant and AI App with a great threat record. the same as the ability to do lots of work in a single time. you can use this application to start different apps on your smartphone as well as you can no time with the calendar reminders and also if it can solve simple math problems easily.

the user can also ask lots of other things like stock market and other stats. other than this work you can do lots of daily work using the same like calling sending SMS, enable and disable the alarm, using navigation and translator. and lots of other work. if you want to simple hey I am saying this is one of the best options still it need to lots of improvement for become Complex and smooth like Google now and other applications.

Download AIVC

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Seeing AI

This is one of the most popular AI apps for iOS user which can applicable artificial intelligence on your device. this application is currently using for people who are visually impaired and allowing them to Dupatta interact with their environment and other peoples. this application work with the phone camera.

the user can use this application for identity people objects science and many other things. seeing AI can also recognize sitting situation and weather for the user. this application also tries to recognize the emotion of the people that user can know exactly how the people around them feel. so we can say that this is one of the most advanced and applicable artificial intelligence for Android and IOS user.

Download Seeing AI

Seeing Ai for iOS


This application has been developed by Samsung. this is the official Samsung personal assistant application which is only available for Samsung devices. this application can do lots of work for the people who are using a Samsung smartphone. smartphones you can download apps from Play store. the user can get direct support for available apps on their devices.

Samsung users can use this application to get the Samsung proprietary hub. currently, only the Samsung user can use this app and can get these amazing features. this is the best artificial intelligence app for Samsung users.

Download Bixby

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Elsa and other popular and amazing artificial intelligence app which work on English language speech assistant. this application is very first of its kind and it is helping users and hence and their pronunciation.

this application can also do lots of work for the users and it is also a relevant artificial intelligence app for iPhone app development. so we can see that Elsa is also one of the most popular artificial intelligence apps for Android and IOS devices.

if we have shared the detail of best artificial intelligence app for iOS and Android devices. applications there are lots of personal assistant apps available on the internet for the users so we are going to list them here for you.

Other best artificial intelligence apps for iOS and Android

  • siftr magic
  • the roll
  • Dragon mobile assistant
  • Google Allo
  • Google assistant
  • Jarvis


we have shared complete details of 15 best artificial intelligence app for Android and IOS devices. here we have shared the list of best apps and the features of the apps for Android and IOS users. by using digits using can perform lots of work like making call sending email scheduling meetings and many others which can save lots of work for Businessman and normal people. Artificial intelligence apps best apps for businesses because it saves lots of time of Android users. you can use these apps on your Android and IOS devices and also if any of your friends need these apps then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account like Twitter and Facebook. And if you are facing any problem in downloading and installing any of the application where you can tell us in comment box we will give you the instant solution.

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