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If you’re looking for sites to stream anime free of cost, then you’re in luck. Because you’re already searching for these websites, I am sure that you know what anime is. It is derived from the word animation and is a name given to the Japanese animation comics and series that focus on specific concepts, and are entertaining to watch. Anime got popularity and fame because of its theme, stunning graphics and much more.

If you have a sound internet connection, it is better to watch anime or other movies online instead of downloading them as it saves a lot of storage space. I’ve been a fan of anime for more than four years now. When I started, I loved it because I left as if the work spoke to me. If you’re passionate about me, I am sure waiting for the next episode is very irritating.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of best free anime streaming sites where you can watch anime online. These are the sites that host free and legal anime content and Provides Anime Downloads. Downloading takes time, and space, thereby streaming is always a better option in that case. The anime cartoons are released in Japanese. The content is either dubbed in English or subtitles are provided. Here is the list of Best Anime Sites of the year 2019.

Best Free Anime Streaming Sites


hulu dot com free streaming app

This is one of the best streaming websites for watching anime online. They don’t only have a large database of anime content but also have a large collection of t.v shows, movies and a bunch of Hulu original shows. If you need a site for watching anime content along with some other stuff as well, you should consider Hulu. The site isn’t free, but the monthly subscription is very affordable. On top of this, they also allow a free trial of 30 days. The trial gives you a sort of idea how this site is.


best streaming sites anime freak

Second, on the list, we’ve got anime freak. Unlike Hulu.com, this site is free of charge. Although, you’ll have to watch some ads. The website boasts its collection of more than 10k available episodes across various categories. If you are only looking for free solutions, this site is worth checking out once.

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kissanime for watching free anime

Kissanime Another free website for anime lovers. The site also comes under one of the most popular websites to exist on the internet. You can enjoy high-quality anime videos, cartoons, mega series and much more on the website. You can even configure which quality do you want to stream videos in, like 1080p, 720p, 240p


anime streaming tv

Anime stream lets you watch the top and most popular anime content and series like Wonder Momo, Naruto and much more. A lot of the available shows are even dubbed, or available with subtitles. There are also a bunch of videos that you can download.


watch free anime here

Another awesome website is available on the internet that offers a lot of popular anime series. The user interface and navigation on the website are easy and user-friendly. Although the website offers content free of charge, the design and looks appear to be premium. This site is a must to check for all the anime lovers out there.



Netflix is one of those websites that can’t be ignored when it comes to online streaming. There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming websites. Although, this one isn’t free. You’d have to purchase a monthly subscription, but it would be worth your money. The site hosts a ton of TV shows, movies, and even Netflix originals. The best part about watching on Netflix is that you can change your audio from Japanese to English with a single click. You’ll also get subtitles. So, if you’re looking for a reliable platform to watch anime, this is the site you need to go.


offical source for anime and drama

Next, in the list we have Crunchyroll. The site has more than 20k episodes of a bunch of anime series. You’ll also get access to Korean dramas and live-action titles on the website. All of the content available is completely legal. Despite being legal, the website offers everything free of charge.


gogoanime free streaming

Go anime is referred to as the most extensive free website for anime. The database is huge and is filled with tons of anime cartoons, movies, series, and latest Korean Japanese dramas. Much like the website mentioned above, goanime also lets you watch videos that are dubbed in English. The developers have worked on making the site easy to access by creating an app for it. The app can be downloaded from the official google play store.


funimation free anime content

Funimation is known for having a huge collection of anime genres. The site is known to be one of the most popular websites based in North America. The whole platform is free of charge and also provides chia anime. The site offers a superb watching experience. The site also provides consistent and fast updates. You can even download the episodes in mp4 format. The whole site is filled with mega-series, popular animes, and Asian dramas.


sidereel anime series list

If you are searching for an anime series and are unable to find it anywhere, there is a huge chance you can find it here. The whole platform works like a search engine that helps to find the best anime series for you. All you need to do is enter the show name and hit search. From the results, click on any link and you’ll be able to watch your favorite series.


heaven for anime lovers

Before I even to talk about the site and its features, can we just stop for a minute and appreciate the domain name. The site offers popular anime series and cartoons. You will be able to stream and download videos in different qualities. If you are looking for a simple option to download movies and stream, this is something you can consider.


Watch anime has gained the reputation to be called one of the best sites for English dubbed anime series. The video quality provided on this website is simply exceptional, and you can stream videos free of charge. They have a huge database filled with animation series. The website is managed and is updated frequently with regular updates.


anime nova is anime watching website for movie lovers

Considered one of the best places to get anime movies, series, and Korean dramas. The website categories them very well and contain daily episodes of cartoons, anime shows, and movies. The site also has dubbed versions of anime. Videos are high quality although you might see some ads. The ads aren’t annoying, and you can expect a good viewing experience.


full hd anime content is available on anilinks

This site is a great source of watching full episodes of nearby all the anime series. All the videos are available in high quality, but you won’t get a download button. However, the videos are dubbed in English. If you just want to stream and not save it offline, this is a pretty decent site.


naruto is one of the best anime to watch

The site has a decent collection of manga and anime movies. The site has a lot of Naruto Shippuden dubbed in English. The website also offers manga collection and movies. The site also offers high-quality videos but much like the site mentioned above, doesn’t offer a download button. The site is entirely free of charge. So, if you are a naruto fan boy and would only like to stream the Naruto series, this is where you need to go.



Anime Ultima is yet another great website to watch English dubbed anime series. The site is free of charge. The database contains all the popular anime, it also a ton of famous anime movies. Much like some of the sites mentioned above, this one also doesn’t have a button to download the videos. Despite not being able to download the videos, you’d be able to stream high-quality videos. The site has a few ads which make the whole watching experience pleasant.


daisuki website is down

Daisuki is another great platform to watch anime online. The website also offers video available in the high quality format.

Update: The site is not online anymore. They have taken it down thereby you can’t access any content. However, who knows, they might make the website available at some time in future.


mastarani anime content hub is huge

Next, in the list, we have master anime which ranks among the list of best websites to stream anime movies in high definition. The website database is filled with way too many anime series. Due to the large volume of content available on the website, there is a great chance you’ll find your favorite series here. Despite the content being available in high quality, you won’t be able to find any button to download the content.


anime seasons categoriese contnet on basis of seasons and episodes

Last but not the least we have anime season which is one of the most trusted anime streaming websites out there that you can use to watch full episodes of anime movies.The content available is dubbed in English and is high definition footage. The user interface is friendly, and you would be able to navigate without a problem. Users can also vote for the anime that they like the most. The site displays anime based o the top votes. Some of the most popular anime on the site is Hunter X Hunter, Diamon No ace, etc.


This is one of the fastest updated websites in terms of the best anime series. The update frequency of this website is 10 times faster than any other anime website. This website allows us to watch and download of latest Anime Series without any issue.


Alright, this will do it for best anime streaming sites where you can watch the anime content. A few of these websites also offer a paid subscription. However, most of the websites are free of cost. A common issue with free websites is that they put too many ads. Usually, you have to click the video twice to run the video.

Some of these websites are well managed and offer a very good experience. A bunch of these websites is illegal that they get taken down due to copyright strikes. If you have any questions or comments, let me know in comments.

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