10 Best & Free Age Progression Apps for iPhone and Android 2019

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If you’ve ever wanted to imagine yourself younger or older, or different gender, this new Age Progression Apps or Software can help that how we will look in 10 or 20 years or how we would look like an old man/women.  Many people might be thinking How & what will our baby look like. These best Child Age Progression Apps act as real future baby face generator & let usage swap and see how we will look like after 20, 30, or 40 years.

So stop thinking how do i look when i get old. Here is a list of the best Age Progression Apps which can make our face look like old, even we can make-over the photos of our friends, companions, child to look old. You probably might have a dead child & you can’t forget them. In that case, these apps can help you to give an idea with What will your baby child look like the photo. So you can make a baby with two pictures with these baby face maker or predictor.

Users are very much interested in free virtual age progression apps and Softwares where they can get anime age progression-free Because they want to get best make my older apps. There are lots of options for these people but we are going to share the best one only for you where you will get make you look older app and we are sure that the list we are here going to provide is the best age-progressed photo app for Android and iOS Users. These are best because they let you see how you’ll age in 50 years

When the makeover of the face ageing online is done, all of these best ageing apps will let you save a processed photo to the gallery or we can share it through social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

Here are some of the Age Progression Apps:

1. AgingBooth

AgingBooth is the best age my baby photo generator app to make your face look old. AgingBooth app comes with a very simple user interface and it is easy to use. It is one of the popular old age apps to transform someone’s face to look old among Android and iPhone users. This photo ageing app is free to use.Only you have to download the AgingBooth app from Google Play Store or App Store. After installing this best make you look older app, simply take a photo using AgingBooth’s built-in camera or upload your photo from the gallery, and adjust your eyes, mouth and chin markers. Your photo will be transformed to look old quickly.AgingBooth app can make your face look old even without the Internet connection.

This old age face app will work almost with every version of Android OS, you can run this app on your Android phone even though it runs on Android 2.3.In addition to that, you can also view the transformed photo and original photo quickly by shaking your device. Try using AgingBooth; you might like it!

–>Download For Android:-

–>Download For iPhone :-

2. Oldify

Oldify is another great Age Progression App which is used to make someone face look old. Oldify lets users view their transformed old face as an animated image. While you make your face look old, you can select to add anything from 20 – 100 YEARS, and see your withered, gray-haired old-self come to life; touch your aged face to see yourself wink, coughing, yawning, and many other hilarious animations. So if you wish to know “how will I look in the future,” then you can use the Oldify app to fulfill your thought.The Oldify app is available for both Android and iPhone. Android user can get this app for free from Play Store; iOS users need to pay $0.99 to get this app for their device.

–>Download For Android:- id=ly.appt.oldify&hl=en

–>Download For iPhone :- old-age/id621561671?mt=8

More Areticle You live to visit:- Download Kinemaster for PC

3. Make Me Old

Make me old is another usable application to make yourself look old. Besides making yourself look older over decades, it also allows you to add some funny glasses or monocle and a funny mustache or beard for your Face. This app is only available for Android users. Make Me Old Android app is handy to use. To give an old aging effect on your face, First of all, you have to download and install the app from Google play store.

After that, you need to import your photo from the gallery, or you can just take a picture with the inbuilt camera. Once you do that, you are asked to adjust the eyes, mouth, and chin markers. Adjust them and tap on the next button. Finally, you can see your face old. And now you may also be able to add monocle, mustache, and beard to your aging face by tapping on the “Random” button. Now you can save your aging face photo as a JPEG image, or you can share it with social networking sites.

–>Download For Android:- id=com.appspot.swisscodemonkeys.old&hl=en

Baby Child Age Progression Apps (What Will my Baby Look like)

What Will My Baby Look like After 10 year or 20 years most of the parents think about their children in their early age stage? And parents want to download and install these Apps that can tell them that What Will Our Baby, Kids and Child Face Look Like.

And also there are lots of teenager guys and girls who have the curiosity to know that What Will I Look Like when i grow up in 10 Years or 20 Years OR what will I look like in the future when I will be older. This is the reason that we are going to share a complete list of Age Progression Apps for Child and Kids.

4. Age My Face

Age My Face is another app for transforming pictures into old age.Version 4 is available with all new content,New masks, accessories and sharing options. Age my face has been rebuilt from scratch to be better than before for age regression transformation.
Also including New features:
-New masks & accessories
-Fully redesigned interface
-New sharing options
-Easier to use
-You can add years to any photo!
-Loads from and saves to your device
-8 different aged masks to choose
-Ability to resize, rotate, and position the mask
-Works with different skin tones
-Set the opacity of the mask to add/subtract years.

This app that makes you look old, works like any practical ageing software on any device with iOS 6. Just simply import an image from your iPhone and place a mask over it to create a new image. The opacity slider allows you to add anywhere from a couple to fifty years to yourself! Then, you can save the image to your device and share it with family and friends. This app is very easy to use and it’s completely free to use!

–>Download For iPhone :- yourself/id379459295?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

5.Face Changer 2

This Application Swap faces between friends and with your favourite characters. Morph heads, add face parts, funny hats, silly glasses and hundreds of accessories, stickers, backgrounds and more.

Main Features of this Application are:-
Take a selfie or import photos from your camera gallery, Facebook, Instagram or use our stock photos and web search.
-Face swap – Swap faces between friends. Swap you face with anyone in the world!
-Morph Faces – Tens of automatic morph effects including alien, fat, skinny, monster and many more. —-Smudge to reshape the face into a funny cartoon.
-Face parts – Endless funny eyes, noses, crazy hats & hairdos, tattoos, scary scars and more.
-Stickers – Over 600 stickers for any occasion on any subject.
-Fuse – your photo with a different background, place yourself at the beach or on the moon. Use our stock backgrounds, or import your own.
-Instant replay – Automatically create a “making of” video . Share to show your friends what an artist you really are.
-Packed with features – Add text or draw on top of the photo, add makeup, add stickers, use the clone tool and so much more.
-Share the image or the video with your friends

–>Download For Android :- id=com.scoompa.facechanger2&hl=en

6.Old Booth

Old Booth is amazing face aging machine on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.
It is easy and free to use.The transformed photos can be shared with your friends via email, MMS, FaceBook, Twitter…

• Works with photos taken with your built-in camera or from your photo library or your Facebook albums
• Auto-cropping using face detection
• Tap device to see before and after views
• Save results to your photo library or Share with your friends
• Easy to easy and instant process

–>Download For iPhone :- yourself-older/id722047249?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

There are many age progression apps on the internet. But some best age progression appsare selected in this article. But when it comes to best photo age enhancer then AgingBooth and Oldify apps available for both Android and iPhone. But the other apps can be downloaded only for the Android phone user or only for the iPhone user. However, all of these apps lets you make your face look old with just a few taps. So install one of these photo age progression apps on your Mobile and see how you will look in the future.


In this Article, We have shared a list of best Age Progression Apps which can make the older image of everyone including baby morpher app. There are lots of people who search on the internet for make you look older app and app that makes you look old. So this article is all about these apps with child age progression-free apps which will tell what would I look like old.

If you think your friends need this article then you can share with them on your social media accounts like twitter and facebook and if you face any problem in download install and Using any of these apps then you can tell us in comment box we will give you the instant solution.

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