15+ Best Ad Blocker for Android For Stop Pop Up Ads

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Ad Blocker for Android:- We all know that advertising is the requirement for survival of website and applications. From the first day when the giant search engine Google started their services for all around the world and they introduced Google AdSense for the website owners, the advertisement system becomes the primary source of revenue for the website owners and application developers.

 After that in the earlier days of advertising marketing, some pop-up ads introduced for the desktop users but when mobile take the place of desktop and most of that people started using smartphones the pop-up ad shifting mobile users as their targeted audience. People search on the internet for best ad blocker for android because they want to know that how to stop pop up ads on Android Chrome and Android Mobile phones. Pop up ads are the most annoying ads for the Android users because of they always open in a new tab this is the reason that people search for the best pop up blocker for android because they want to stop pop up ads on android.

But pop up ads on mobile become annoying in no time because lots of people add advertise programmers did a lot of spamming with pop up ads. this is the reason here we are going to share pop ad blocker for android which is the best pop up blocker.

Ad Blocker for android are beneficial for the site on android device as well as the users also because many websites are providing lots of user friendly services and they are earning by showing ads on their website if all these ads got banned and the side note Run ads on their website then they have to charge from the users and this will be costly for users.

But in the present Era, there are a large number of websites are completely filled with the ads. And some of these websites are using popup ads which kill the usability and the time of the user, as well as these ads, are annoying for the users because these ads consume content this is the reason that most of the people forced to use ad blockers.

Because of this annoying ads, there are lots of AD blocker for Android are available on Google Play Store for Android users. These applications allow users to block all type annoying ads on their smartphones. By using these applications using a block all the ads on the sites which they are visiting on their Android smartphones and because of the lots of spammy ads people are searching on the internet for best Ad Blocker for android and this becomes most popular search term in present time.

So if you are also the Android user and who are fed up with the annoying ads and want to use the best ad blocker app for Android, then you are at the great place on the Internet because we are going to share best ad blocking apps for Android devices. We are going to say all the features of these ad blocking apps so you can use the best for you.

Best Ad Blocker For Android And Pop Up Blocker 2019

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most popular ad blocker for Android devices. Android users can simply use this application which has lots of ad blocker features for Android. In the earlier days of launching at Plus application it was available on Google Play Store but after some time, this application has been removed from the Google app store.

But here is a good news for all the website users who want to block ads that and Plus team is still serving this application with lots of new features but user have to download this application directly from the ad plus website this application is the best and blocking app which is available for the Android users..

The best part of Adblock Plus application is this application is not only available for Android devices only also ad plus Adblock extension available for Chrome Firefox and many more. So you can simply download this application on your Android smartphone and can block all annoying ads.

Adblock Official Website


Adaway is another popular ad blocker for Android which allows users to surf the internet by using all the websites without seeing any annoying advertisement.Adway is an open source ad blocker for Android which uses hosts file for block ads that mean whenever any app request for an ad then that request will be redirected to their localhost IP. But this application is available only if you have a rooted phone.

Adaway Download

Ad-vanish Light

The ad-vanish light application is available for all rooted and. non rooted Android Smartphones and Tablets. this application can block ads in all applications and games you are playing and using. Ad-vanish app is very small in size you can download this application from Apple app store when you start download from there will be a warning message appear for you which is says it is not trusted application. So you have to provide trust certificate for your smartphone setting to the developers of the Ad-vanish application.

Download AdVanish Lite

Free Ad Blocker Browser

Free adblocker browser is one of the most popular options for the people who do not want to switch their browser and also want to block ads without using any external application or software. Free ad blocker can block all the pop-up ads as well as it can destroy all the ads which coming your way on the web.

Pop up banner ads and some video ads are most annoying ads running on the internet so if you want to stop these ads to show any site on your smartphone then free adblocker browser is the best option for Android users.

The adblocker browser free to download from the internet and it also allows few additional features and themes for the users.

Download Free Ad Blocker Browser

AdBlock Browser For Android

Adblock Browser for Android is one of the most popular ad blocker for Android in 2018. Adblock browser is not much different from its competitors but still it is popular between the website uses because most ads from website including popups can be blocked automatically using this. Adblock Browser for Android is available free on Google Play Store that is the plus point for the users.

The Adblock Browser has a default option which can block all the ads of the site and also it have a feature which gives complete control to the user for block the ads so used again see the filter as they want.

There are lots of other options also available which can help with the privacy of the user as well as disable tracking. Malware domain and social media buttons with anti-ad blocking messages.

Download Adblock Browser


Sometimes some adblocker do not block some ads mostly they do not cut the pop up blocker. If you are facing the same problem then adguard for Android is the best option for you. This is a popular ad blocker for Android and it provides lots of future which block all the unnecessary ads and provide user a clean and trouble-free browsing experience.

Adguard is the app which can block all the ads which are coming on your way while browsing the internet and also if you are playing any game or using any application which are showing you ads on your Android device then adguard can block them also. Other than blocking ads their hours lots of other features available like malware protection firewall for Android and increase web page speed. So if you are looking for best ad blocker for Android then you can use adguard also.

Download Adguard

Download Chrome Extension

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a browser with has its inbuilt adblocker system. Opera Mini is one of the most popular browsers for mobile users this is the reason that user can blindly trust on its ad blocker.Opera Mini can block ads only for those sites which are you using on Opera Mini browser. Opera Mini browser does not remove ads from other application on Android and games on the Android devices.If you want to block the ads on the website you are visiting then you can use Opera Mini browser and can visit that websites without seeing any ad. Opera Mini browser. got more than 500 million downloads from Google Play Store so we can say that this is the most popular browsers for Android users

Opera Mini For Android

Opera Mini Download

Block this

Block this ad blocker is open source project which blocks all kind of ads no matter it’s coming on the website you are visiting or the application and games you are using on your Android device. Block this ad blocker has its inbuilt antivirus as well as its provide malware protection and also increase the speed of browsing.

After this amazing features, the best part about this application is user do not have to root there mobile phone and also block this app work with VPN Technology which can allow you just to access the sites which are blocked in your country. You can easily download block this for Android from its official website.

Download Block This

App Brian Ad Detector

Appbrain editor is also a free Adblock app for Android which works like inbuilt constructive brain with blocks the ads on websites and applications smartly. This application provide notification to the users when add network integrate into the app and also indicates which one is pushing ads.

The best part of the application that it has lots of users and user can use these features for free which app has access to your account and personal message so that you can avoid possible harm.

AppBrian Ad Detector Download

Other Popular Ad Blocking Apps for Android


TrustGo Ad Detector

Disconnect Pro for Android

CYGREY Adskip for Youtube.

Brave Browser:- Private Adblock


So here is this our list of best ad blocker for Android here we have shared a huge list of AD blocking apps which are available on the Internet and Google Play Store,. We have shared complete details of these applications then how you can use any ad blocker app for Android and also what features that your ad blocker has.

You can use any application or ad blocker software which is best for your Android device and can enjoy ads free browsing for all the applications websites and games. This is the best list of best free ad blocker for Android along with best android popup blocker. these are the best android pop up blocker which will help you to get out of ads frustration.

If you are friends need these applications for block ads on their Android devices then you can share this article with your friends on your social media account like Facebook or Twitter. And also if you are facing any issue in downloading and installing any of the ad blockers for Android then you can tell us in the comment box we will give you instant solution for the respective ad blocker.

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