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Bahubali 2 Movie Collection can be All time Highest Gross in India

One of the Most Awaited Movie of the Year 2017 is going to release on 28 April 2017 on the Indian Box Office. And that movie is Bahubali 2 Telugu Cinema. Bahubali 2 movie is one of the most awaited movies of the year 2017 because of the first part of the movie Bahubali the Begining was extremely Good and people loved that part so much and now they are waiting for Bahubali 2.

Also they want to know the answer to most awaited question of the year 2015 Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali ? Because of it, people are showing a very high interest in the Bahubali 2 Movie. Baahubali the Beginning was one of the highest grossing movie of all time from India but that movie was not able to beat movies like Dangal and PK. But Predictors and Critics are saying that Bahubali 2 Movie collection can beat the All time Collection of all the movies.

Bahubali 2 The Conclusion

Highest Grossing Bollywood Movies

Dangal – 2025-2100 Crores
Bahubali 2 – 1810 Crores
Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 969 Crores
Secret Superstar – 966 crore
Pk – 832 Crore
2.0 – 800 Crore
Bahubali 1 – 650 Crore
Sultan – 623 Crore
Sanju – 586 Crore
Padmaavat – 585 Crore

Bahubali 2 The Conclusion Budget and Cost

Bahubali 2 Movie is a huge budget movie. Director SS Rajamauli and the other star cast are very much confidate about the success of the movie because of it, they have spent a huge amount of money in making of the Bahubali the Conclusion. the producer ofthe movie has spent almost 200 Crore INR on the making of the movie and they have spent more than 30 Crore INR only on the Shooting of the Climax of the movie, So we can assume that the movie is going to be a grand Movie. Bahubali the Conclusion is the highest budget movie from india till the date.

The theater rights of the movie has been sold. And the rights has been sold on the huge price like  In Kerala 10.50 Crore, Andra Pradesh and Telangana 100 Crore, Tamilnadu 45 crore, Hindi Rights in 120 Crore whether overseas distribution has been sold in 52 Crore. So the investor and distributor has show their interest in the movie and put 350 Crore on risk for the Movie. But they all are also very much confident about the success of the Movie.

Bahubali 2 get Highest Screen in India

Bahubali 2 movie is going to release on 6500 screen in india and this is the highest of all time for a movie. The Highest Grossing movie India till the Date is PK and second is Dangal and the Both movies were released on approx. 4000 Screen and baahubali is much ahead from both of the movies so this is proved that Bahubali 2 movie is going to hit new landmark for the collection on the box office.

Not only in India, Bahubali 2 movie is getting huge screens in overses countries also. In only USA and Canada movie is going to Release on more than 1000 Screeens and this is the highest screens share in North America by any Indian movie all time. So this movie is going to bang the overseas collection also.

Bahubali 2 Movie Box Office Colelction (Estimated)

Bahubali 2 is the most awaited movie and also the promotion of the Movie is going on full force, And everyone is prediction about the Colelction of the Movie so the team Viralmagics also predicted about the Estimated Collection of the Movie.

As we know that the Prequel of the movie was released in 2015 has earnede 650+ crore overall. So everyone is assuming that Bahubali 2 movie can breake the record of the al time collection by any indian movie. for the time being, PK is the highest grossing movie from india with a collection of 790 Crore all time. Everyone is predicting that Bahubali 2 is going to break the record of the PK Movie.

Bahubali 2 movie has started getting income from theater and distribution rights. Bahubali 2 movie has already made more than 500 crore from the rights of distribution of the movie.

As per our Prediction Bahubali 2 movie is going to make more than 550 Crore from India only and this will highest from the india all time. And also Bahubali 2 movie is going to make more than 100+ Crore from outside india and the overall collection of the Bahubali 2 movie is going to cross the Bahubali the Beggining movie’s collection on the Box Office, but the over all collectyion of PK movie which is 790 crore will not that easy to breake. there is some reason behind it. First is Bahubali 2 movie is going to release between the IPL season. people are showing a huge interest in the IPl matches because of it, Bahubali 2 movie will loss a huge amount of viewers because of IPL. And also Bahubali 2 is going to release in Karnataka state. This will can accured a good amount loss for the Bahubali Movie.

These are the predicvtion by the Experts of the Viralmagics team. the Collection will be depend on the reviews and the interest of the People. What you think about the collection of the bahubali 2 Movie tell us via the Comment Box.

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